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Spiritual Boot Camp
Spiritual Boot Camp by Kimberly Daniels

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Author: Kimberly Daniels
Subtitle: Supernatural Strategies for Combat Rediness
Format: Paperback
Length: 218 Pages
Published: 2012

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Just as new military recruits are sent to boot camp to learn how to be soldiers, we are taught by Scripture to pick up the weapons of our warfare and to put on the whole armor of God. 

Spiritual Boot Camp is your guide to the weapons and armor of spiritual battle.  Based on biblical principles, disciplines Daniels learned while serving in the military, and ministerial experience she has obtained over the years, Spiritual Boot Camp will:
  • Train and equip you for spiritual warfare
  • Ignite your desire to get back to the basics of the gospel
  • Reignite your passion for God if you are weary
  • Activate you to reach out to a lost and hurting world
For our churches to be ready for the end-time challenges ahead, every Christian must be trained, equipped, and prepared for combat.   It is time to be all you can be in Jesus Christ.

Table of Contents
Foreword by Lieutenant General (Ret) William G. “Jerry” Boykin
Introduction: Boot Camp Induction
Part 1: The Importance of God’s Army
Chapter 1: The Basilica of God
Chapter 2: Spiritual Readiness
Part 2: Characteristics of God’s Soldier
Chapter 3: The Importance of a Good Foundation
Chapter 4: Be Disciplined and Sharp
Chapter 5: The Greatest Gift – Love
Chapter 6: Good Common Sense
Chapter 7: Being a woman of Valor (Virtue)
Chapter 8: Do Not Be Weary in Well-Doing
Part 3: Spiritual Disciplines
Chapter 9: Protocol and Procedure, Part 1
Chapter 10: Protocol and Procedure, Part 2
Chapter 11: A Good Soldier Knows How to Stand Down
Chapter 12: Boot Camp Financial Principles
Chapter 13: Friendly Fire
Chapter 14: The Peter Principle in the Kingdom
Chapter 15: Getting Back to Our Roots
Part 4: Spiritual Battle Strategies
Chapter 16: Soldiers Against Terrorism
Chapter 17: Combating the Spirit of Error
Chapter 18: Generational Enemies
Conclusion: Spiritual Boot Camp Final Word
Appendix A: Your Spiritual Operations
Guidebook Training Principles
Section 2-1: Spiritual Readiness
Section 5-1: The Greatest Gift – Love: The Importance of Love
Section 5-2: The Greatest Gift – Love: The Principles of the Unity of Love
Section 6-1: Good Common Sense: Prayer Terms and Practices in Identify
Section 6-2: Good Common Sense: Prayer Principles from Specific Scriptures
Section 8-1: Do Not Be Weary in Well-Doing: Isaiah 40
Section 13-1: Friendly Fire: Scriptures in the Mouth
Appendix B: Boot Camp Study Notes
Appendix C: Spiritual Martyrs

About the Author
Jacksonville Councilwoman Kimberly Daniels is a sought-after international conference speaker, preacher, powerful prayer warrior, and the mother of six children.  She pastors Spoken Word Ministries in Jacksonville, Florida, with her husband, Ardell.  Daniels graduated from Florida State University and Jacksonville Theological Seminary and is the author of Spiritual Housekeeping; Inside Out; From a Mess to a Miracle; Clean House, Strong House; Delivered to Destiny; and Give It Back!  She is also the coauthor of More Than Just the Catch.