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Exposing Prophetic Witchcraft
Exposing Prophetic Witchcraft by Jennifer LeClaire

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Author: Jennifer LeClaire
Subtitle: Identifying Tell-Tale Signs of Satan's Counterfeit Messengers
Format: Paperback
Length: 224 Pages
Published: 2022

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In Jennifer LeClaire’s bestselling book, Discerning Prophetic Witchcraft, you learned how to identify false prophecies and spiritual manipulation.

Now, it’s time to go on the offense. It’s time to expose these prophetic wolves in sheep’s clothing before they sabotage your destiny.

False prophets are arising at an alarming rate in these last days, as Jesus told us they would. Too often, believer are deceived and their lives ruined by prophetic witchcraft – messages and messengers that sound spiritually appealing but are actually destructive weapons of the devil. Only when prophetic witchcraft is exposed, can we resist it and help others avoid Satan’s snares.

In Exposing Prophetic Witchcraft, author and seasoned spiritual warfare leader Jennifer LeClaire offers sound instruction on how to further shine light on the mixture and deception that are prevalent in the Church today.

Through her personal life experiences and helping others navigate these difficult lessons of discerning and exposing false prophets and manipulators, Jennifer teaches you to expose:
  • 13 symptoms of prophetic witchcraft alignments.
  • Counterfeit Christs and Elijahs claiming to be prophetic voices.
  • False dreams, visions, and angelic encounters that sound spiritual, but are actually evil.
  • Scripture-twisting and manipulation where false prophets use the Bible to advance their own carnal agendas or heretical theology.
  • 17 signs that you may be under a witchcraft attack.
  • 6 ways to recognize a demonic night-attack through nightmares, sleep paralysis, and other sleep-related spiritual maladies.
  • How and when to confront prophetic manipulators.

Jennifer’s insightful teaching will instruct and challenge you to connect with the Lord on a deeper level and help you recognize and expose the works of darkness!

Table of Contents:
Introduction: A Troubling Dream about Jezebel’s Witchcraft
Chapter 1: Exposing the Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing
Chapter 2: Prophetic Witchcraft Should Offend You
Chapter 3: The Danger in Aligning with Prophetic Witchcraft
Chapter 4: The Rise of False Prophets, Christs, and Elijahs
Chapter 5: Exposing False Visions, Dreams, and Encounters
Chapter 6: The Satanic Roots of Prophetic Witchcraft
Chapter 7: Exposing Scripture Twisting
Chapter 8: Signs You Are Under a Prophetic Witchcraft Attack
Chapter 9: Slick Tactics of Prophetic Corn Artists
Chapter 10: Unmasking Prophetic Manipulators
Chapter 11: How and When to Confront Prophetic Manipulators
Chapter 12: Diviners, False Prophets, and Prophetic Witches
Chapter 13: Protecting Yourself (and Your Sheep) from the Wolves
About Jennifer LeClaire

About the Author:
Jennifer LeClaire is senior leader of Awakening House of Prayer in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, founder of the Ignite Network, and founder of the Awakening Prayer Hubs prayer movement. Jennifer formerly served as the first-ever female editor of Charisma magazine and is a prolific author of over 50 books.