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Entering Into Ministry Vol 3
Entering Into Ministry Vol 3 by Jorn Overby

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Author: Jorn Overby
Subtitle: The Five-Fold Ministries - An Introduction
Format: Paperback
Length: 173 Pages
Published: 2021

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This book is the third in five volumes in the series Entering into Ministry covering all the ministries we find in the New Testament. It introduces you to the five-fold ministries – apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, and teacher.

Section one gives an overview of the development of the five-fold ministries in an historic and prophetic context, looking into the tradition and history of the universal Christian church – focusing on the period from the Reformation to the Pentecostal Movement. Then follows a description of the parallel history of the establishment and development of the modern nation of Israel with the noticeable restoration and growth of the offices of the five-fold ministries – the most clearly evident being the evangelist, teacher, and pastor.

Section two is an introduction to these ministries in general, their basic classification, proper context, and the apostle Paul’s main outline of their purpose in Eph 4: 12-16. Finally, it portrays the main characteristics and highlights the necessary qualifications and ethical quality that should be expected for this level of ministry.

Each of the five ministries will be dealt with in detail in the next volume.

Table of Contents:
Section 1: Historical Tradition and Signs of End-Time Restoration
Chapter 1: The Five-Fold Ministries in Historic and Prophetic Context
Chapter 2: The Parallel Restoration of the Christian Church and the State of Israel

Section 2: Classification, Proper Context, and Main Characteristics
Chapter 3: Basic Classification, Proper Context, and the Apostle Paul’s Outline
Chapter 4: Qualifications, Qualities, and Characteristics
A Five-Fold Vision for the Great Commission

About the Author:
Jorn Overby is born of Norwegian missionaries to Bangladesh and spent his childhood on the Indian subcontinent. He received his MDiv in 1981 and pioneered and pastored a church in Oslo. He is the director of Missions Thrust International, founded in 1990, and has over the last 25 years conducted interdenominational pastors and leadership seminars as well as evangelistic campaigns in almost 50 nations around the world. Jorn resides with his wife, Borghild, in Oslo, Norway.