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Sons of Zadok
Sons of Zadok by C. R. Oliver

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Author: C. R. Oliver
Subtitle: A New Day is Dawning - The Day of the Lord
Format: Paperback
Length: 291 Pages
Published: 2000

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The place where you worship makes a difference. It matters who touches you; it maters who teaches you; it matters who ministers to you; it matters whether it is an unclean priest or a Son of Zadok!

Somehow, the lost and dying world can see the difference between priesthoods more quickly than slothful saints sallow in cloistered cathedrals and velveted auditoriums. Having never seen righteousness like a river and judgment like a mighty stream, (Amos 5:24), the parameters of our acquiescence have mired us in the land of gone too far.

God himself is tired of seeing his flock dishonored in a system of dishonor. God himself rises up and says, Enough!

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Who are the Sons of Zadok

Chapter 2: The Sons of Eli versus the Sons of Zadok

Chapter 3: Ichabod, Born from the Eli System

Chapter 4: Ministering in the Wrong Temple

Chapter 5: Searching the System

Chapter 6: The True Sons of Zadok

Chapter 7: Zadok Blessings

Chapter 8: Ezekiel, Spiritual Son of Zadok

Chapter 9: The Empowering of the Sons of Zadok

Chapter 10: The Domain of the Sons of Zadok

Chapter 11: The Zadok Temple

Chapter 12: The System Temple




About the Author

C. R. Oliver, PhD, is a retired professor of Philosophy and Behavioral Science. Dr. Oliver is also an ordained minister. During his 40 years as minister and college professor, Dr. Oliver has acquired an understanding of the Bible from a missions perspective. Having served in 54 countries and extensively in Latin America, his life experiences allow him to draw upon a large frame of international reverence. As President of OEA, Intl., a on-profit missions organization, he is in contact with missionary enterprises worldwide. He is the author of Solomons Secret, a commentary on the Song of Solomon (1999), Sons of Zadok (2000) and En Punto (2002). He is married to Betty A. Oliver, a retired professor of English.