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Saturate by Jessi Green

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Author: Jessi Green
Subtitle: Leaving Behind Status Quo Religion for a Faith That Really Works
Format: Paperback
Length: 201 Pages
Published: 2023

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Today, many Christians are disillusioned by the empty promises of dry religion. They long for an authentic, biblical transformation in their lives, but have yet to encounter a faith that works.

Jessi Green has witnessed the Holy Spirit transform the lives of thousands of hungry souls who were willing to abandon dead faith and seek our true revival.

In Saturate, revivalist and evangelist, Jessi Green offers a prophetic forecast of the coming flood of the Holy Spirit, helping you break free of dry religion and immerse yourself in the saturating presence of God.

Saturate was birthed by a prophetic vision where Jessi saw seven waves of judgment, deliverance, and power crash over the nation. How you respond to this tsunami will determine your eternal destiny!

The coming waves include:
  • Separation of the wheat and tares where God’s revival remnant will rise up.
  • A prophetic showdown between witchcraft and God.
  • Resurrection of the unborn as God raises up a “Life Movement” that will sweep the nation.
  • National repentance revealing hidden sins in the church and nation.
  • False prophets exposed as the Lord Jesus cleanses His house . . . and more.

Don’t settle for lifeless, status quo religion. Will you be baptized in this prophetic outpouring, or be swept away by the Holy flood?

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Genesis of Revival
Chapter 2: Secrets of the Kingdom
Chapter 3: The First Wave, Wheat, Tares, and the Remnant
Chapter 4: A New Era of Church
Chapter 5: The Second Wave – Resurrection of the Unborn
Chapter 6: We All Have a Story We Will Never Tell
Chapter 7: How Secrets Are Born
Chapter 8: Pro-Life Needs Rebranding
Chapter 9: Christian Witchcraft
Chapter 10: The Third Wave – The Prophetic Showdown
Chapter 11: The Fourth Wave – National Repentance
Chapter 12: The Fifth Wave – Cleaning House
Chapter 13: All In
Chapter 14: The Sixth Wave – Exposure
Chapter 15: You May Be Too Busy for Revival
Chapter 16: My Revival Mistake
Chapter 17: Renaissance and Revival
Chapter 18: The Seventh Wave – Pioneers and Frontiers
Chapter 19: Thirty-Nine Weeks

About the Author:
Jessi Green is passionate revivalist and preaches the Gospel with power, shaking religious systems, casting out demons and equipping the Saints to be full of fire and making disciples of Jesus. Alongside her husband, Parker Green, they lead Saturate Global, a grassroots revival movement baptizing thousands and awakening the nations to the resurrection power if Jesus! She believes that everyone is qualified to share the Good News and challenges status quo Christianity in her most recent book, Wildfires. Jessi resides near the coast in North Carolina, with her husband and three children, when not traveling around the nation visiting churches, setting up tents on fields and calling people to run into the ocean from coast to coast calling all who will listen to “Repent, Be Baptized, and Go All In!”