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1726 by Eddie Hyatt

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Author: Eddie Hyatt
Subtitle: The Year that Defined America
Format: Paperback
Length: 194 Pages
Published: 2019

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1726 was a defining year for America. 1776 would never have happened apart from 1726. The Great Awakening that began that year transformed Colonial America and laid the spiritual, moral, and philosophical foundations for the beginning of a great new nation. It also unleashed the anti-slavery sentiments and moral outrage that eventually brought about the end if slavery in America. This is a story of America that has been censured from modern textbooks. It is the story of the faith and spiritual vision of those who brought this nation into existence.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: The Redefining of America
Chapter 2: America the Original Version
Chapter 3: New England Covenants
Chapter 4: The Vision Wanes
Chapter 5: The Vison Renewed in a Great Awakening
Chapter 6: The Marginalized of Society are Awakened
Chapter 7: The Nationalization of the Awaking
Chapter 8: The Attack on Slavery
Chapter 9: A Nation Emerges from the Awakening
Chapter 10: America’s Colorblind Founding Documents
Chapter 11: The Faith of the Founders
Chapter 12: The Marriage of Faith and Civil Liberty
Chapter 13: Remembering
Selected Biography
About the Author
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About the Author:
Dr. Eddie Hyatt is a Church Historian and researcher in American history, a prolific writer, and a Bible teacher with over 50 years of ministry service and experience.