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Silent Take Over: How the Body Hijacks the Mind
Silent Take Over: How the Body Hijacks the Mind by Jacquelyn Sheppard

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Author: Jacquelyn Sheppard
Subtitle: Overcoming Emotional, Mental, and Addictive Disorders
Format: Paperback
Length: 253 Pages
Published: 2016

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Overcoming Emotional, Mental, and Addictive Disorders

Do you feel like depression, anxiety, or addiction has hijacked your life? Mental and emotional disorders impact every part of society – and disrupt life for even the most spiritually devout, intelligent, and respected people. Unfortunately, many who suffer from these devastating disorders seek healing through costly, and sometimes harmful, counseling and medications – measures which may bring temporary relief but do not necessarily correct the underlying problem.

Jacquelyn Sheppard explores the vital connection between your body, mind, and spirit and gives you practical tools to:
  • Understand the connection between your mind and body, and discover root causes of depression, addiction bipolar disorder, OCD, and other illnesses.
  • Identify the life cycles of each disorder – prenatal, childhood, adolescence and adulthood – so you can overcome each cycle using the right tools.
  • Gain practical “know-how” to effectively combat these disorders through life-giving steps of health transformation.

Silent Takeover delivers ancient wisdom, accessible science, simple nutrition, and life experience, providing a clear blueprint to help you pioneer a new life.

Table of Contents:
Introduction: The Road That Led Me Here
Part 1: How the Body Affects the Mind: Below the Surface: Emotional, Mental, and Addictive Disorders Are Not All in Your Head
Chapter 1: Below the Surface: The Body and Brain Connection
Chapter 2: Your Ecosystem: Changing Your Mind by Changing Your Diet
Chapter 3: Emergence: When Mental Illness Is Not What It Seems
Chapter 4: A Gathering Storm: Why Pills Are Not a Cure
Part 2: How the Mind Affects the Body: On the Surface: Daily Decisions Affect Emotional, Mental, and Addictive Disorders
Chapter 5: On the Surface: How the Mind Changes the Body
Chapter 6: Beginning Today: You Control More Than You Think You Do
Chapter 7: Finding Solutions: Developing a Healthy Mind
Part 3: Putting the Puzzle Together: Above the Surface: Things Are Not Always What They Seem
Chapter 8: Finding the Way Out: Understanding Addictions
Chapter 9: Tough Questions: How Chemicals Change Your Life
Part 4: Redesigning Body, Soul, and Spirit: Beneath, On, and Above the Surface
Chapter 10: Getting Back to the Design: How Prayer Changes Your Body and Soul
Chapter 11: Redesigning Yourself: How Music Impacts Your Cells
Chapter 12: Corporate Redesign: How We Are Designed for Community Designing
Chapter 13: Finding the Illusive: Peace, Joy, and Quietness
Chapter 14: Finding Yourself: Is There Anyone Out There?

Jacquelyn Sheppard’s book Silent Takeover gives an eye-opening look into the hidden dangers of seemingly innocuous elements in our environment. Our brains are not separate from our bodies. Foods, sound, and light affect the production of chemicals in our bodies that affect the way we think and behave. Depression, anxiety, and addiction often have a physical as well as spiritual root. Jackie has been researching information for years and wants to help those who have been hijacked so they can regain good health in both body and mind.
J. Lee Grady, Former Editor, Charisma Magazine

Jacquelyn Sheppard has taken a complex subject that is difficult to explain, and using easy to read and understand language she has written a well-documented explanation of that subject. She has an excellent command of her material, and her handling of the subject matter is to be commended. It is definitely a book that will help someone understand a new biochemical concept of the human body.
Norman G. Marvin, MD, Former assistant professor, The Department of Family Practice, University of Kansas Medical Center

About the Author:
Jacquelyn Sheppard is a counselor, educator, mother, and grandmother. She is the founder of a private high school, a former journalist, and with her husband, Glenn, the co-founder of International Prayer Ministries. For over 50 years, Jacquelyn’s extensive experience in counseling, research, and teaching concerning the body and brain have transformed many lives.