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Seven Mountain Renaissance
Seven Mountain Renaissance by Johnny Enlow

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Author: Johnny Enlow
Subtitle: Vision and Strategy Through 2050
Format: Paperback
Length: 288 Pages
Published: 2015

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You are living in a new era! History’s greatest Renaissance – a spiritual one – is now unfolding. In his first two “Seven Mountain” books, The Seven Mountain Prophecy and The Seven Mountain Mantle, Johnny Enlow showed how Christians are called to manifest the kingdom of God in the seven primary spheres of society: religion, education, family, government, economy, media, and celebration/arts.

Now, he reveals the sweeping changes he expects to take place over the next several decades in each of these spheres as he unveils his vision and strategy though 2050.

We have entered an “Era of Renaissance” that will not be complete until the nature and character of the invisible God are made visible in the world through the influence of His ambassadorial children. The first Renaissance in history showcased the achievements of man but this new Renaissance will display the brilliance and works of God for the whole world to see.

By 2050, an on-fire, loving church with a hope-filled worldview will be globally advancing, walking in unprecedented signs and wonders and supernatural manifestations of power. Many nations on earth will walk in a high level of national transformation.

Table of Contents:

Foreword by Elizabeth Enlow
Chapter 1: The Seven Mountain Revolution and the “Shot Heard Around the World”
Chapter 2: Renaissance 2.0: This Time, It’s All About God
Chapter 3: Caleb-vision: Treasure Hunting Versus Troubleshooting
Chapter 4: It’s About Influence, Not Domination
Chapter 5: Renaissance on the Mountain of Religion
Chapter 6: Renaissance on the Mountain of Education
Chapter 7: Renaissance on the Mountain of Family
Chapter 8: Renaissance on the Mountain of Government
Chapter 9: Renaissance on the Mountain of Economy
Chapter 10: Renaissance on the Mountain of Media
Chapter 11: Renaissance on the Mountain of Celebration/Arts
Chapter 12: Getting in Synch with God
About Johnny and Elizabeth Enlow