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Help God I'm Broke
Help God I'm Broke by Patricia King

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Author: Patricia King
Subtitle: Leave lack behind and step into miraculous provision
Format: Paperback
Length: 153 Pages
Published: 2010

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All your needs can be met. All your debts can be dissolved.

Are you experiencing financial lack, loss, or overwhelming debt? Does it feel like there is no way out? Well there is. The very same God who cancelled the debt of your sin at the cross is able to cancel all your debts. The same God who provided a way for you out of darkness and into His light can provide for all your needs. And He will do it for one simple reason – He really, really loves you!

All through the Bible there are examples of Jehovah Jireh – the Lord Who Provides – meeting the needs of His people even in the most difficult and extreme circumstances. Whether it was ravens bringing food to Elijah, a widow seeing what she had multiplied to last indefinitely, or multitudes being fed from one boy’s lunch, God promise to open the storehouses of heaven over the lives of His people so that they never lack. That includes you!

You were not created for poverty or financial devastation. You were created to know abundance and blessing. And in this book, Patricia King shares insights from Scripture, testimonies, revelation, and biblical principles that outline how you can cooperate with God’s promise for abundance and blessing in your life.

It is time to step out of financial struggle and enter into miraculous provision and supernatural supply!

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Heidi Baker
Chapter 1: Help, God – I’m Broke!
Chapter 2: Help, God – I Need a Miracle!
Chapter 3: Oh, No, I’m in Trouble
Chapter 4: Messengers of Provision
Chapter 5: Financial Growth – God’s Way
Chapter 6: Roots of Poverty and Lack
Chapter 7: Moving Forward into Abundance
Decree for Provision and Resource


Position yourself for the great transfer of wealth that God is bestowing upon believers, even in the midst of economic shaking. Through the pages of this book, be equipped with Kingdom economic principles that will release miraculous provision in your life.
Che Ahn, Senior Pastor, HRock Church

Patricia King is one of the most generous individuals I know. Her testimony of overcoming poverty and living in Kingdom provision will take you closer to the heart of what God intends for all of His children. This book is a must read for the challenging economic climate we face in this hour.
Stacey Campbell, www.revivalnow.com

About the Author:
Patricia King has been a pioneering voice in ministry for more than 30 years, has written numerous books, produced many CDs and DVDs hosts Extreme Prophetic TV, and is the CEO of the online media network, XPmedia.com.