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Seeing Behind the Veil
Seeing Behind the Veil by Ana Werner

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Author: Ana Werner
Subtitle: 100 Invitations to Intimate Encounters with the Holy Spirit
Format: Paperback
Length: 219Pages
Published: 2018

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Every day is a fresh invitation to step behind the veil and encounter the Holy Spirit in a new way!

In this unique supernatural experience, seer, prophet, and missionary, Ana Werner shares insights she has received through prophetic encounters, angelic visitations, and supernatural visions.

These inspirational entries – drawn from Ana’s personal history of encounters with God – are words from Heaven that are sure to infuse every day with hope, encouragement, healing, and assurance of God’s nearness.

Including both Scripture passages and prophetic words, these devotionals offer powerful insights on:
Dwelling in God’s Presence: living with a consistent awareness of the Holy spirit’s nearness.
Spiritual warfare: how winning spiritual battles can impact your everyday life.
Amplifying God’s voice: positioning yourself to hear God’s words just for you.
Comfort, strength, courage, and faith: anchors of hope for the daily challenges you face
Angelic activity: how to partner with the Heavenly hosts to release God’s plans for your life.

Gain new strength by encountering the supernatural presence of God, every day!

Table of Contents:
Invite 1: Tucked In
Invite 2: A Day of Complaint
Invite 3: The Day I Lost My Phone
Invite 4: Puddles
Invite 5: Reaching Out
Invite 6: Pool of Presence
Invite 7: Running Low
Invite 8: Rain of Presence
Invite 9: Be Peace
Invite 10: Joy, Expectation, and Belief
Invite 11: Co-Laborers
Invite 12: Bethesda Pool
Invite 13: Fragrance and Presence
Invite 14: Dream Big
Invite 15: Gates
Invite 16: A Room for You in Heaven
Invite 17: Thorn Plucking
Invite 18: Believe Again
Invite 19: Pick Your Position
Invite 20: Breaking Out from Performance
Invite 21: Pour Out
Invite 22: Lean In
Invite 23: Failure, Go!
Invite 24: It’s Your Inheritance
Invite 25: Linens
Invite 26: Declaration and War Room
Invite 27: Ouch – But You’re Still Good
Invite 28: Four Wisdoms
Invite 29: Shower of Heaven
Invite 30: Rest in the Process
Invite 31: As Close as You Want
Invite 32: His Friend
Invite 33: A Stamp from God
Invite 34: Rise Up, Resist, and Declare
Invite 35: Washing Off Defeat
Invite 36: Esther Anointing
Invite 37: Canopy Influence
Invite 38: Pool of Joy
Invite 39: Pierce the Clouds
Invite 40: Stop. Find Me
Invite 41: Healing Waters
Invite 42: Living Room Chats
Invite 43: R-I-S-K
Invite 44: In Every Season, Trust
Invite 45: Persevere
Invite 46: Keys of Worship
Invite 47: Washing Basin
Invite 48: Stretched for God’s Glory
Invite 49: Tell It to Go!
Invite 50: Into His Robes
Invite 51: Set the Beat
Invite 52: His Eyes
Invite 53: My Room Prepared
Invite 54: My Army Is with You
Invite 55: Find Me in the Fire
Invite 56: Not Just for Others
Invite 57: Starving for God
Invite 58: Muzzle of Offense
Invite 59: Finding His Wind
Invite 60: Lay Them Down
Invite 61: Performance Spirit Broken
Invite 62: In God We Trust
Invite 63: Dancing on His Feet
Invite 64: Access to the Throne Room
Invite 65: Pressed
Invite 66: Emotions Anchored
Invite 67: Bring Them Here
Invite 68: Last-Minute Healings
Invite 69: Invest in People
Invite 70: Untangling Destiny
Invite 71: No More!
Invite 72: Friend to Friend, Heart to Heart
Invite 73: Not a Worker
Invite 74: Swim into the Unknown
Invite 75: Three Challenges
Invite 76: Jesus as a Comforter
Invite 77: Map Room in Heaven
Invite 78: Restored Heart Value
Invite 79: Everlasting Love
Invite 80: Living Out of an Orphan Spirit
Invite 81: Promises Restored
Invite 82: Knee to Knee, Eye to Eye
Invite 83: Mixing Spices
Invite 84: Carpet Time
Invite 85: Not a Workhorse
Invite 86: Free Indeed
Invite 87: Meeting My Son in Heaven
Invite 88: No Matter the Season, Hold On
Invite 89: Joy Unmeasurable
Invite 90: Promotion Through Service
Invite 91: He Never Said It Would Be Easy
Invite 92: Complain Not, Just Worship
Invite 93: Carry Your Crown
Invite 94: Clarity of Focus
Invite 95: Parcels Waiting
Invite 96: Currency of Heaven
Invite 97: Goodness and Pleasure of the Lord
Invite 98: The Abiding Tree
Invite 99: What’s Impossible?
Invite 100: Choose Faith, Not Fear
Conclusive Prayer


Many Christians desire to encounter God but are not aware of the distractions that are hindering them from doing so. Seeing Behind the Veil by Ana Werner will not only make believers hungry for more intimacy with God; it will teach them how to position themselves for their own personal encounter as Ana takes her readers through her heavenly encounters with the Lord. Ana’s transparency will bless readers and help them see that a perfect God is yearning to encounter imperfect people.
Dr. Charles R. Fox, Jr., Senior Pastor, Christ Community Church of Bowie, MD

What an amazing book; a transparent peek into the life experiences of a seer. I laughed. I had some “aha” moments. I learned more about the intricacies of a seer. I saw how simple seeing was (but not earthly), how reachable, and how God is beckoning us to come closer. The veil is thin! What a refreshing book Ana!
Barbara J. Yoder, Lead Apostle, Shekinah Regional Apostolic Center

About the Author:
Ana Werner and her husband, Sam, are the associate directors of the Heartland Healing Rooms in Lees Summit, Missouri. Ana travels internationally and equips people to see in the Spirit, move in the prophetic, and experience healing and deliverance through her ministry. Her transparency as she shares the realities and experiences she has had in Heaven, brings the Holy Spirit, the love of the Father, and the power of God into the room when she speaks. Ana is passionate about leading people into encountering Jesus’ heart.