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Redefining Rhema
Redefining Rhema by Ed Delph/David Lake

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Author: Ed Delph and David Lake
Subtitle: Responding to God's Voice: Releasing His Purposes on Earth
Format: Paperback
Length: 285 Pages
Published: 2017

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In the beginning, God spoke and created life! This same God is still speaking today, and his Word is just as powerful. As believers, you were created to receive and release these freshly-spoken God words into the world. This kind of timely, faith infused word from God is called Rhema.

Speaking a faith-infused utterance from God unleashes Divine purposes. These powerful revelations are expected as you continue to recognize God’s voice and share His words.

Ed Delph and David Lake challenge you to upgrade your understanding and application of Rhema. First, learn to discern God’s will by receiving His words and understanding His purposes. Then, speak His message with clarity and conviction – declaring fresh messages from God for yourself and others.

Redefining Rhema will:
  • Equip you to recognize and utilize spoken words from God that are personal or corporate.
  • Position you to be a hear first and a speaker second.
  • Empower you with wisdom in releasing God’s voice on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Watch God unleash His mighty word into your world today!

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Lance Wallnau
Section 1: The Biblical Pattern of Hear First, Speak Second by Ed Delph
Chapter 1: Shift Your Spiritual Reality to Shift Their Spiritual Reality
Chapter 2: An Encounter with the Ultimate Hearing Aid
Chapter 3: Unleashing Spiritual Shockwaves from Heaven

Section 2: Redefining Rhema: Faith Comes from Hearing God by David Lake
Chapter 4: Redefining and Refining Faith
Chapter 5: Rhema First, Faith Second
Chapter 6: Trust Comes from Knowing God, but Faith Comes from Haring God
Chapter 7: No Doubt About It
Chapter 8: Adventures and Misadventures in Faith

Section 3: The Cooperation and Operation of Logos and Rhema by Ed Delph
Chapter 9: Two Swords from the Lord for Every Believer: Logos and Rhema

Section 4: Implications and Applications of Rhema in Salvation, the Church, and the Kingdom by Ed Delph
Chapter 10: Three Revelations Every Christian Needs to Illuminate Nations
Chapter 11: Rhema in Salvation: Saving Peter, Paul and . . . Mr. Banks
Chapter 12: Rhema in the Church: Between Exodus and Genesis Is Revelation
Chapter 13: Rhema in the Kingdom: Go Tell It on the Mountains – All Seven of Them
Chapter 14: Illuminating Leaders, Influencers, and Mind Molders

Section 5: Conclusion: God’s Words Create God’s World by Ed Delph and David Lake
Chapter 15: Mission Possible: Staging for a Rhema Renaissance


Every day we are bombarded with thousands of marketing messages in the form of billboards, television, magazines, newspapers, and the internet. As the intensity of these words grows louder, we need to stop, listen, and hear the Rhema voice of God. If we do not clearly recognize God’s voice, then we are vulnerable and can easily be persuaded by each commentator who adds his or her voice. In this book, Ed Delph and David Lake help us rediscover and trust God’s Rhema before we say what we think. God still speaks to His children, and this is the time to know and not to merely think so that God’s voice can pierce the darkness.
Graham Power, Founder of Global Day of Prayer and Unashamedly Ethical, Cape Town, South Africa

God is smarter than we are, and the amazing thing is that He wants to share His thoughts with us! This is the basic premise of this incredible book that will help leaders tune in to the frequency of God’s voice as the fundamental building block to every great endeavor to which they may give their lives. Ed and David are two seasoned leaders in the kingdom who have masterfully brought an apostolic and prophetic vantage point on the ageless truth, presenting it in a fresh and relevant way to inspire the global church. Read it and live it!
Alan Platt, Doxa Deo Global Visionary Leader, Pretoria, South Africa

About the Authors:
Dr. Ed Delph has been a pastor at three different churches since 1980 in the Phoenix, Arizona area. He is a noted author of nine books, weekly columnist in several newspapers worldwide, teacher, business owner, and speaker having presented or been in more than one hundred countries. He is currently president of a worldwide ministry, Nationstrategy, a nonprofit organization involved in community and societal transformation and upliftment.

David Lake is an ordained pastor and business owner as well as market place minister. He is passionate about running his lie, business, and ministry by hearing the voice of God. God has placed in his heart a burden to equip other business owners, pastors, churches, and Christians on living their lives by seeking first the Kingdom of God. David has been married to Rhonda since 1984. They have four grown children and six grandchildren.