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Satanic Deception of Knife and Fork
Satanic Deception of Knife and Fork by Dale Sides

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Author: Dale Sides
Format: Booklet
Length: 31 Pages
Published: 2004

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John 10:10 tells us the thief (Satan) has come to steal, kill, and destroy. He has stolen our knowledge of nutrition, he is killing our bodies, and as a result he is ultimately destroying our spiritual destinies.

Statistics tell us that one in three Americans will get cancer and that nine in ten will die due to diseases caused by dietary deficiencies. Why? As Jesus said, An enemy hath done this.

Poisoning is a very effective strategy in warfare, especially when the victims like the taste of it, are ignorantly eating it, and feeding it to their children and friends.

It is bad enough to be a victim, but dont be a casualty of war. Learn about this deception and how to be free of it. You have a destiny to fulfill and only one physical body in which you can accomplish it. Determine to run your course to the end and carry out your God-given purpose.

Table of Contents


The Scheme

The Methodeia

Sons of Belial

People Are Victims of Ignorance

Cunning Craftiness

Where Did We Go Wrong?

The God of Mammon

The Sugar Seduction

Men and Brethren, What Shall We Do?






About the Author

Dr. Dale M. Sides is a Bible teacher who travels extensively and has spent considerable time ministering in India, as well as other international locations, and throughout the US. He has authored over 25 books and booklets, has a huge heart for college outreach, and is regarded as a spiritual revolutionary by many. Dr. Dale and his family reside in Bedford (Liberty), Virginia.