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Restoring Survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse
Restoring Survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse by Patricia Baird Clark

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Author: Patricia Baird Clark
Subtitle: Equipping and Releasing God's People for Spirit-Empowered Ministry
Format: Paperback
Length: 244 Pages
Published: 2010

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Mrs. Clark’s book, Restoring Survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse, immediately caught my attention at my first contact with it. This is because as a pastor and church leader in Africa, I am very familiar with satanic ritual abuse. In this part of the world, ancestral worship ceremonies during burial of the dead, rites of passage ceremonies, initiation ceremonies, etc. are occasions where people are subjected to serious satanic ritual abuse. I have been involved in counseling and deliverance ministry for such individuals. It was therefore not surprising that the title and the content of this book caught my attention. Christ came to destroy the works of the devil and deliver victims of satanic works. May this book find its place in the libraries of pastors, church leaders, Bible schools, etc. as a manual to guide in understanding and ministering deliverance to the captives as Jesus came to do.

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Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: The Need for Spiritual Ministry
Chapter 2: The Great Exchange
Chapter 3: The Exchanged Life
Chapter 4: The Principle of Authority
Chapter 5: The Purpose Behind Satanic Ritual Abuse
Chapter 6: Goals for Abuse Ministry
Chapter 7: Validity of Memories and Family Abuse
Chapter 8: Identifying DID/SRA
Chapter 9: Magic Surgery and the Structure of the Inner World
Chapter 10: Ministering to Alters
Chapter 11: Dealing with Demons
Chapter 12: Programming
Chapter 13: The Abuse Identity and Backwards Thinking
Chapter 14: Poetry by Abused Persons
A Philosophy of SRA Ministry
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About the Author:
For many years as co-pastor alongside her husband, Patricia Baird Clark has devoted herself to intensive Bible study and unlimited hours of SRA ministry. As a result, she has unlocked many secrets of satanic ritual abuse and DID which she reveals in her book. Patricia has a B.A. degree from the University of Indianapolis and is the author of two other books. The Clarks have two daughters and six grandchildren.