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Kiss of Satan
Kiss of Satan by H A Maxwell Whyte

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Author: H.A. Maxwell Whyte
Subtitle: A Glimpse Into the World of Fortune-Tellers, Witches and Demons
Format: Paperback
Length: 75 Pages
Published: 1973/2012

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Every day, millions of people innocently play with the fire of the occult, having no idea how badly they can be burned. They explain it all away, saying things like . . .

“It was only a séance.”

“Horoscopes are harmless fun.”

“Let’s get our palms read!”

As an expert in demonic activity and deliverance ministry, H.A. Maxwell Whyte dares to tell the truth about every aspect of the occult arts 0 from horoscopes to hypnosis, from fire-walking to good-luck charms.
Never before in history has a generation been so educated and yet so fascinated with demonic practices that were once thought to be the marks of ignorance and superstition. What’s behind this revival of interest in the occult? Whyte investigates this question and comes up with some startling answers.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: The Law of Opposites
Chapter 2: Personal Experiences
Chapter 3: The Appearance of Samuel
Chapter 4: Occult Practices
Chapter 5: Delusions
Chapter 6: Witches and Warlocks
Chapter 7: The Dangers of Occultism
Chapter 8: Horoscopes and Charms
Chapter 9: There Is Deliverance
Chapter 10: God’s Alternative
Chapter 11: Joint Heirs
About the Author

About the Author:

H.A. Maxwell Whyte (1908-1988) embarked on a journey in ministry that was fraught with uncertainty and an absence of familiar landmarks when he was sovereignly led by the Holy Spirit into an understanding of demonic activity and spiritual warfare. As is often the case with pioneers, he was misunderstood, ridiculed, and ostracized by the Christian community, even in his own city of Toronto. Despite great opposition, he forged ahead in the battle against the forces of Satan, convinced that the ministry of deliverance was scripturally based and was being restored to the church in his day. Later, he began to record his experiences, and over the next two and a half decades, he authored eighteen books. His first book, The Power of the Blood, has been translated into several languages and is widely distributed throughout the world, selling over half a million copies internationally.