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Realms of the Kingdom Volume 1
Realms of the Kingdom Volume 1 by Ian Clayton

Price: $21.99
Author: Ian Clayton
Format: Paperback
Length: 267 Pages
Published: 2014

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Realms of the Kingdom will equip believers with the reality of what it means to be “in the spirit” and in the realms of God, enabling them to know and experience who the person of God really is.

This book will be a valuable resource enabling you to actively participate with and know your Father God, not just doing things for Him. This book is for those who want to see the reality of the supernatural realms of Heaven and the return of the sons of the Kingdom to their rightful place as heirs.

Volume I will lead you on a journey through Ian’s experiences in heavenly realms and includes spiritual steps and prayer activations enabling you to understand, experience and enter these realms for yourself.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Entering the Kingdom of Heaven
Chapter 2: Unrepented Imaginations
Chapter 3: Gateways
Chapter 4: The Human Mind
Chapter 5: How to Build a Strong Spirit
Chapter 6: Eden
Chapter 7: The River
Chapter 8: The Dark Cloud
Chapter 9: The Courtroom of God
Chapter 10: The Seven Spirits of God
Chapter 11: The DNA of God
Chapter 12: Crowns
Appendix: Gateways of the Threefold Nature of Man


It is a delight for me to be able to write about my friend Ian Clayton. It has been seven years since our friendship began. What can I say? He is a son – no question about it! He knows the Lord intimately and has studied to show himself approved to God. I have found he walks as Yeshua walked with both the favor of God and man. His materials have come to provoke sons into the study of the word as well as to cause them to rethink how we have lived and behaved as we have sought to live our lives to serve the Father.
Ian not only teaches how to live as a son, he lives it. Revelation 3:11 states, “I am coming soon. Hold on to what you have, so that no one will take your crown.” This is an important study – to look at which crowns we have and how not to get them taken, as well as how to get them back! This study and more are all important in our journey as we finally reach maturity and learn to walk as Yeshua walked.
As you read through and study his material may your destiny and purpose be revealed as you look to Jesus the author and finisher of your faith!
Michelle Tidball, Abundant Ministries, USA

As you open your spirit now to read through the pages of this exceptional book, the wisdom, love, power and hope that will be imparted into you will literally transform your life. I encourage you to embrace the paradigm shifts, and as you allow your being to become expended, you will enter into a greater experience of who you really are as a new creation – an experience I know Ian pours out his life to see become our full reality. It is my honor and privilege to recommend this book to you.
Liz Wright, The Bridal Company, UK

About the Author:
Ian Clayton is the founder of Son of Thunder Ministries. He speaks globally, training and quipping believers to personally experience the realms of Heaven. Ian is one of the fathers of current heavenly realms understanding. His original, ground-breaking teaching and practical insights gained over the last 24 years have changed the way our generation experience accessing the realms of Heaven that Jesus has opened to us.