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Exploring Heavenly Places Volume 1
Exploring Heavenly Places Volume 1 by Paul Cox and Barbara Parker

Price: $10.99
Author: Paul Cox and Barbara Parker
Subtitle: Investigating Dimensions of Healing
Format: Paperback
Length: 97 Pages
Published: 2014

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Exploring Heavenly Places is a new series of books that will explore the amazing and complex world of the spiritual heavenly places that affect our physical world. You will find it most beneficial to first read Heaven Trek and Come Up Higher, as these books are foundational to the new series.

Long ago, the Lord revealed the secret of receiving His revelation – it did not come to me directly, but was always developed in the context of other believers, and I never receive full understanding without consulting others. It is in such unity that new revelation is unpacked and understood; it is our journey together that brings enlightenment to the wisdom of the Lord; and it is for this reason that this series will be co-authored with others.

In this introductory book, we have included articles regarding aspects of the body, soul and spirit in order to provide a basic understanding of these elements of our humanity and help us see how our beings interact with the unseen. The shattering of these aspects of our lives through wounding prohibits us from becoming all that the Lord wants us to be, and enables the enemy to profit from what is rightfully ours. The cure for this pain will be further explored throughout the book series, Exploring Heavenly Places.

Table of Contents:

Introduction to the Exploring Heavenly Places Series
Chapter 1: The Part Is Not the Whole
Chapter 2: An Introduction to Body, Soul and Spirit
Chapter 3: Understanding the Body – God’s Original Design
Chapter 4: Understanding the Body – Our Present Reality
Chapter 5: Understanding the Body – The Man, Jesus
Chapter 6: The Soul of Man
Chapter 7: The Spirit of Man
Chapter 8: Matters of the Heart
Chapter 9: Conditions of the Heart
Chapter 10: The Will
Chapter 11: Introduction to the Width, Length, Depth, and Height
Chapter 12: Discovering the Depth
Chapter 13: Places in the Depth
Chapter 14: Exploring the Depth
Chapter 15: Prayer to Release One from the Ungodly Depth
Chapter 16: Introduction to the prayer to Release the Treasures of Darkness
Chapter 17: Prayer to Release the Treasures of Darkness
Chapter 18: Life Changing Events Along the Way
Chapter 19: Revelation of the Morning Star
Chapter 20: The Star and the Body of Christ
Chapter 21: Prayer to Release the Morning Star
Chapter 22: Ongoing Revelation of the Height, Width

About the Authors:

Paul Cox and his wife, Donna, live in Hesperia, California and are the co-directors of Aslan’s Place, a ministry dedicated to bringing freedom and wholeness to the wounded and captive. Aslan’s Place equips the body of Christ in the ministry of spiritual warfare and in the exercise of the gift of discernment. Paul and Donna have ministered globally. They have three children and seven grandchildren.

Barbara Parker, founder of Standing in Faith Ministries, endeavors to serve others by sharing the faith lessons God has taught her through the everyday trials of life. A survivor of breast cancer and several other major illnesses, she holds the unshakable belief that God is big enough to handle any problem that life throws at you. It is this faith that enabled her to work as a hospice nurse, providing comfort to the dying and their loved ones; it is this faith about which she writes and speaks. She is also a prayer minister, blogger, and owner of the Standing in Faith discussion group on LinkedIn. Barbara and her husband, Jack, live in Southern California and they have one son and three grandchildren.