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Re-Script Your Future
Re-Script Your Future by Clarice Fluitt

Price: $15.00
Author: Clarice Fluitt
Subtitle: Power-Packed Proclamations for Your Life, Business and Government
Format: Paperback
Length: 160 Pages
Published: 2019

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One of the things that the Lord has revealed to me is the ability to understand that the spoken Word of God carries His power and purpose. My heart’s desire is that each and every one of you reading this book will derive the benefit of what I have learned so that you, too, can speak God’s wonderful Word over yourself, your family, and all who are a part of the world in which you live.

Re-script Your Future shows you how the words you speak can take you from where you presently are, to where you would like to see yourself tomorrow, next week, next year, and beyond. It only takes a matter of minutes to Re-Script everything from your place at the dinner table to your place in history, your place in the community, or the trajectory of your destiny-defining moments in life.

You will learn:
  • The power of creating a partnership between your words and your faith.
  • The power and purpose of proclamations
  • How to shift your circumstances into a position of favor

This book will enhance your knowledge and understanding of the secrets behind the power of your scriptural proclamations. It’s time to get unstuck and move into the manifestation of answered prayers!

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Understand the Power that the Word of God Carries
Chapter 2: Do Not Pray the Problem: Pray the Word of God
Chapter 3: The Things of God Become Yours by the Reason of Use
Chapter 4: Aligning Yourself with God’s Word
Chapter 5: Shifting Your Circumstances into a Position of Favor
Chapter 6: The Power of Creating a Partnership Between Your Words and Your Faith
Chapter 7: Hearing God’s Voice
Chapter 8: The Power and Purpose of Proclamations
Chapter 9: God’s Character
Chapter 10: Character and Fruit of the Spirit
Chapter 11: Attitudes Beliefs, Mindsets, and Perspectives
Chapter 12: Family
Chapter 13: Relationships
Chapter 14: Health and Protection
Chapter 15: Identity
Chapter 16: Destiny and Purpose
Chapter 17: Favor and Increase
Chapter 18: Success
Chapter 19: Kingdom Influence
Chapter 20: Power Behind Your Words
Chapter 21: Promises
Chapter 22: Wealth and Prosperity
Chapter 23: Be a Voice

About the Author:
Dr. Clarice Fluitt is an internationally recognized Christian leader, author, and popular television personality. For more than four decades she has had a distinguished worldwide reputation as a Christian mentor. She is a time proven prophetess with laser-like accuracy. Reports of amazing miracles and healings with positive life changing evidence continually follow her ministry. Dr. Fluitt touches lives through her wisdom, wit, and extraordinary insight, providing avenues of transformation change to individuals from every walk of life.