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Rain Glory
Rain Glory by Brad Alford and Alex White Sr

Price: $14.99
Author: Brad Alford and Alex White, Sr.
Format: Paperback
Length: 90 Pages
Published: 2019

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This book is guaranteed to usher you into the glory of God!!! You will learn how to operate in the glory and how to host the glory in your personal life as well as your church. If you have never experienced God’s glory, get ready for God wants to show you who He really is!! Make is a cry of your heart and a pursuit as you read this book that you ill go after God and be a glory carrier wherever you go. Receive fresh impartation as you read and apply it in your life. Become a glory costal by letting the rain glory pour out on you. Once the glory hits you its all over, for your dryness, and for your complacency. The glory will shift your life and take you to a new level.

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Ryan LeStrange
Chapter 1: Revival Glory
Chapter 2: Harvest Glory
Chapter 3: Refreshing Glory
Chapter 4: Prophetic Glory
Chapter 5: Miracle Glory
Chapter 6: Generation Glory
Chapter 7: Forgiving Glory
Chapter 8: Vindicating Glory
Chapter 9: Governing Glory
Chapter 10: Drunken Glory
Chapter 11: Worship Glory
Chapter 12: The Spirit of Glory
Chapter 13: Glory Costals

About the Authors:
Brad Elijah Alford is pastor of NewDay Church in Paso Robles, CA and NewDay Church in Santa Maria, CA. He travels to nations and shares the apostolic message of revival, healing, and transformation of lives in the glory of God. Many are healed and come into encounters with Jesus in his meetings. He is also a worship leader and gifted song writer of many songs. Brad has been married for 28 years to his wife Eileen and they have three children.

Alex White, Sr. is an end-time emerging prophetic voice and revivalist called with a mandate to impact nations. He is the founder and visionary of Generation Glory Ministries, Inc. and Alex White Ministries based in Wilmington, DE. He is also the senior leader of iHub-Church Wilmington. He is a member of the TRIBE Network under the leadership of Apostle Ryan LeStrange. Alex resides in Wilmington, DE with his wife Nakeira where they raise their son.