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Prophetic Voice of God
Prophetic Voice of God by Lana Vawser

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Author: Lana Vawser
Subtitle: Learning to Recognize the Language of the Holy Spirit
Format: Paperback
Length: 185 Pages
Published: 2018

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The New Testament makes prophecy a priority for all believers: if you are indwelt by the Holy Spirit, you are called to hear God’s prophetic voice!

But if this is true, why do so many believers struggle to receive God’s voice in this way? Lana Vawser empowers you to hear God for yourself by tuning in to how He is uniquely speaking to you!

Through easy-to-understand, revelatory teaching and powerful stories, Lana illustrates how God has created all believers to hear His voice in their own distinct way.

The Prophetic Voice of God will mentor you on how to listen to the Holy Spirit speaking by helping you . . .
  • Experience a Breaker Anointing: The simple, practical teaching will break off the fear, striving, and anxiety that many feel when it comes to hearing God speak prophetically.
  • Demystify the Prophetic: Lana makes prophetic hearing accessible to anyone, no matter who you are or what context you come from.
  • Discern the Prophetic Voice of God: Learn how to identify freshly spoken words from God and decipher the many different forms they can come in – signs, symbols, numbers, coincidences, pictures, and more.
  • Receive Impartation and Revelation: You will be activated to look and listen for God’s prophetic voice everywhere.

Tune in and receive your word from the Lord!

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Brian and Candace Simmons
Chapter 1: The Birthplace of the Prophetic Voice
Chapter 2: Positioned to Hear
Chapter 3: The Language of the Spirit
Chapter 4: Discerning the Voice: What to Share, What to Hold on To
Chapter 5: Distinguishing the Prophetic Voice of God from the Destructive Voice of the Enemy
Chapter 6: What We Believe About God Determines How We Hear His Voice
Chapter 7: The Divine Interruption of the Voice of God
Chapter 8: Engage with Heaven: How to Respond to God’s Prophetic Voice
Chapter 9: Releasing the Voice
Chapter 10: Jewels of Encouragement, Impartation and Revelation


During the darkest season of my life, I met Lana Vawser. Although we had never met in person, the Holy spirit spoke through her into the deepest places of my heart. The power of His word through her voice left me astonished and wondering how she could hear so clearly! This book answers that question!
In The Prophetic Voice of God, Lana shares with each of us the key that unlocks the door to the wonder of His world. It contains fresh revelation that will draw you into a new place of intimacy with Jesus and teaches you how to live your life led by the Voice.
Karen Wheaton, The Ramp, Hamilton, AL

Lana Vawser carries a heart-piercing voice of purity that speaks heaven’s whispers and invites, even compels, intimate conversations with the Father. Her heart is to translate the creative language of heaven within these pages. Lana imparts wisdom into your prophetic journey, but more profoundly this book infuses childlike joy, creative vision, and stirs contagious hunger to enjoy the divine, and never boring, conversation with God.
Jodie Hughes, Pour It Out Ministries

About the Author:
Lana Vawser is first and foremost, a pursuer of God’s heart and secondly, a prophetic voice to the nations. Her desire is to help people develop deep intimacy with Jesus and activate their prophetic hearing to recognize God speaking in everyday life. Lana is driven by a vision to see people set free and walking in the abundant life that Jesus purchased for them. She is an itinerant preacher and prophetic revivalist who gets to participate in powerful moves of God throughout the nations. Lana is married to Kevin and they live in Queensland, Australia, with their two sons.