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Prophetic Church
Prophetic Church

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Author: R Loren Sandford
Subtitle: Wielding the Power to Change the World
Format: Paperback
Length: 221 Pages
Published: 2009

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Are you longing for revival? Are you hungering for the power of the Kingdom of God and a more effective prophetic ministry? Then it is time to refocus, says renewal leader Loren Sandford, and make the goal not prophecy, not signs and wonders, but intimacy with God. Only as we find His heart will we be empowered to change the culture around us.

Sandford provides a powerful vision and real-life examples of what a healthy prophetic community looks like. He helps believers find their place n lighthouse churches, places of refuge where people can encounter Gods healing and restoration and then go out to transform the culture.

Table of Contents


Part 1: Community

Chapter 1: Islands of Glory in a Sea of Mud

Chapter 2: Building a Prophetic Community

Chapter 3: Oneness

Part 2: Identity

Chapter 4: Rich Man, Poor Man, Pauper or Prince?

Chapter 5: The Light of the World You

Part 3: Destiny

Chapter 6: The Daniel-Joseph Anointing

Chapter 7: Force Multipliers: Moses

Part 4: Atmospheres

Chapter 8: Toward a Culture of Honor

Chapter 9: Faith, Honor and Atmosphere

Chapter 10: Increase Our Faith

Part 5: Prayer, Praise and Power

Chapter 11: Praying as a Prophetic People

Chapter 12: A Prophetic Atmosphere of Praise

Chapter 13: The Holy Spirit: Vision, Power and Effect

Chapter 14: Choosing Passion


Loren Sandford pleads for a deep and intimate relationship with God in a secular society caught in an out-of-control downward spiral. Loren calls us to seek first the Kingdom of God and lifts up a vision of lighthouse churches to show the way Home.

John Arnott, founding pastor, Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship

Loren Sandford has written a book about making the journey in the Spirit to the place where the Kingdom provides the environment for real Church to emerge. It is an honest book about coming out of a sterile past into a vibrant future. Loren is building a people who can receive under pressure and prosper n the heat of battle a community of passion that worships wholeheartedly and prays like a bride, not a widow.

It takes time, faith and patience, and only people who have sought the Lord and been found by Him can do it. Most churches want to get into a high place in God. Sadly, many of them dream about the outcome but fail to understand the process that takes them there. It is the process that kames us rich. How we travel is as important as reaching our destination. This is a book for travelers, not tourists.

Graham Cooke, author

About the Author

R. Loren Sandford, a graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary, is senior pastor of New Song Fellowship in Denver, Colorado, and author of Understanding Prophetic People and Purifying the Prophetic. He is an international teacher and worship leader in the charismatic renewal.