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Qualities of a Spiritual Warrior
Qualities of a Spiritual Warrior

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Author: Graham Cooke
Subtitle: The Way of the Warrior Series Volume One
Format: Paperback
Length: 188 Pages
Published: 2008

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Warriors do not react to their circumstances, they respond to God. They see everything as an opportunity to learn, grow, advance and increase faith. They have taken their own internal territory.

They do not avoid tough situations; they are not looking for rescue. They are developing a revelation of God so profound, it governs every facet of their lives.

Warriors know that Jesus reigns and everything leads to majesty. That means that every situation is not theirs to win; but theirs to lose.

In this book Graham Cooke examines the qualities of people who fight from victory not towards it. He explores the attributes required for involvement with God at a high level of warfare. Warriors cannot be intimidated by the enemy, because they are too busy being fascinated by Jesus.

In this three volume series The Way of the Warrior, Graham Cooke explores what it means to be captivated by majesty. He is a passionate believer in the supremacy, sovereignty and glory of God in and through the body of Christ.

There is a place in the Spirit set aside for us where we make the enemy confused. We weary him by our rest. We discourage him by our faith. We demoralize him with our joy. We depress him by our endurance. He is dispirited by our favor; defeated by our grace. Warriors win by staying fresher, longer.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The World is Crying Out for Heroes

Chapter 2: Spiritual Warriors Change Atmospheres

Chapter 3: Standing in the Forefront of the Battle

Chapter 4: Great Leaders Produce Kingdom People

Chapter 5: Seeing Beyond the Natural Realm

Chapter 6: Difference Between Anger and Assertiveness

Chapter 7: Rest: The Warriors Greatest Weapon

Chapter 8: Stillness

Chapter 9: Boldness and Humility

Chapter 10: Confidence is the Hallmark

Chapter 11: Endurance

Chapter 12: Warriors Break Through for Others

Chapter 13: Fearlessness

Chapter 14: A Revelatory Capacity to Receive

Chapter 15: Preoccupied With Jesus

Chapter 16: Understanding Crisis and Process

Chapter 17: Knowledge Without Experience is Not Truth

Chapter 18: The Mystery of Godliness

Chapter 19: Contentment: The Outward Expression of an Inward Glory

Chapter 20: Everything Leads to Majesty


Qualities of a Spiritual Warrior is the most inviting book on the subject Ive ever seen. It is refreshing to read a book on warfare where the author is not impressed with the devil. Graham instead restores us to our rightful place of being captivated with Jesus. His wonderful understanding of the ways of the Kingdom does more than just bring clarity, it empowers the believer to live with victory as the normal expression of following Christ.

Bill Johnson, Bethel Church, Redding, CA

Spiritual warriors who forcefully advance the kingdom by intentionally invading enemy territory attract the heat of principalities and powers and soon find themselves in hand to hand combat with these dark spirit beings. But the wisdom of the battlefield belongs to these warriors and even the principalities and powers stand in awe at the unveiling of the manifold wisdom of God. (Ephesians 3:10) Like Caleb, Grahams appetite for battle continues to grow and these pages reveal the wisdom that only comes through seasoned frontline spiritual warfare. As Solomon once said; By wise counsel wage war. (Proverbs 20:18)

Phil Mason, Spiritual Director, New Earth Tribe

About the Author

Graham Cooke is part of the leadership team at The Mission in Vacaville, California, working with senior pastor David Crone. He regularly provides prophetic input regarding the work of The Mission and is developing a prophetic voice within the church and across the region. He functions as part of a think tank in Vacaville and around the world looking at the changing face of the church and kingdom and developing strategies to remain aligned with the Holy Spirit.

Graham is a popular conference speaker and is well known for his training programs on the prophetic, spiritual warfare, intimacy with God, leadership, and various forms of spirituality and the supernatural.

He also functions as a consultant on the process of transition, specifically enabling churches to progress to a higher dimension of calling and vision. He has a passion to build prototype churches that can fully reach a postmodern world.