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Prayers and Decrees That Activate Angel Armies
Prayers and Decrees That Activate Angel Armies by Tim Sheets

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Author: Tim Sheets
Subtitle: Releasing God's Angels Into Action
Format: Paperback
Length: 224 Pages
Published: 2022

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When you decree and declare what the Bible says, the angels of God are activated to perform the works and wonders of the Lord on your behalf.

In this powerful book, Dr. Tim Sheets draws inspiration from his bestselling Angel Armies series to offer Spirit-empowered decrees that bring Heaven to earth. You will be equipped to speak words that mobilize the heavenly hosts to accomplish God’s victorious plan for your life.

  • As you use these prayers and declarations, your words will release the power to:
  • Cut off the strategies of hell and bring transformation and deliverance to entire regions.
  • War victoriously in the spirit realm as angels give assistance and provide protection.
  • Mobilize the hosts of Heaven to unlock miracles, signs, and wonders.
  • Plant the Heavens” with words, decrees, and prayers that release biblical results.
  • Unlock the Third Great Awakening.

Multitudes of angels have been waiting for you to release them on assignment with bold, Scripture-saturated decrees. Open your mouth, speak God’s Word, and watch the angel armies bring Kingdom transformation to your world!

Table of Contents:
Exponential Increase
Angels and Regional Breakthrough
Divine Assistance for Fulfilled Destiny
Heavenly Partnership
The Great Connectors
The Wrestle for a Hope-Filled Future
New Ways and Fresh Power
Increase the Harvest
Ministers of Valor and Courage
Battle for the Throne
Angels and the Third Great Awakening
Ugly to Lovely
The Divine Turnaround
Evangelism Mode
The Power of Intercession
Angelic Assistance with Kingdom Alignment
Activating the Angelic
The Blessing of Covenant
Offerings and Open Heavens
Angels and the Decreed Word of God
Partnering with Angel Armies
Angels and Prophetic Promises
Angels and the New Campaign of King Jesus
Angels and Holy Spirit Outpourings
The Church, a Movement
Sticky Favor
The Kingdom Number
Angels’ Response to God’s Word
The Power of Decrees
Angel Armies and the Church’s Authority
Warfare Strategies
Expect the Angels
Understanding the Times
Activating the Heir Force
Purpose, Destiny and Angel Assistance
Define the Culture
Angels and Prosperity
Planting the Decreed Word of God
The Creative Nature of God’s Word
The Power of the Creator Seed
Born Again with God’s Seed
Decreeing Like Our Father
Words the Yield Harvest
The Reality of the King’s Kingdom
The Authority of the Ekklesia
Ruling and Reigning
Operating in Our Rightful Authority
Talking Like Jesus
Speaking the King’s Language
The Unveiling
Destined to Win
Doers of the Word
Decreeing the Promises of God
Faith that Materializes Promises
The Most Valuable Word Seed
The Power of Our Words
Speaking to Mountains
Growing Faith
Mountain Moving Faith
The Role of a New Testament Church
The Special Forces of the Kingdom
Battling at the Gates
The Born-Again Nature
Plant the Heavens
Our Born-Again DNA
The Awakened Ekklesia
From Glory to Glory
Messiah the Breaker
The Breaker and His Breakthrough Angels
Angels and Seasons of Supernatural Breakthrough
Anointed to Prevail
The New Pentecost
From Pregnant Pause to Worldwide Revival
Training to Reigning
Angel Assistance and the Mega-Pentecost
Breaking Out of Confinement
Angels and Prophetic Destiny
The Aid of God’s Cavalry Division
Angels of Revelation and Enlightenment
Welcoming the Greatest Cavalry
Mobilizing Angels Through Prayer
The Church and Government Angels
Rise and Rule
Revival that Changes a Nation
Angels of Awakening
The Convergence of Revivals
A Fresh Breath
The Release of Re-Vive-All Angels
Reviving the Remnant
Angels and Fulfilled Destiny
Angelic Assistance for Supernatural Healing
Uncapping Old Healing Wells
Raising the Coming Generation
Angels of Harvest
Angel Armies and the New Campaign
The Glorious Church Era
The Keystone Anointing
The Greatest Move of God
The Greatest Days in Church History
Raise the Bar

About the Author:
Tim Sheets is an apostle, pastor of The Oasis Church in Middletown, Ohio, founder of Awakening Now Prayer Network, and author. He travels extensively throughout the United States, Canada, and other nations, carrying his heart and vision for awakening and reformation. He teaches and ministers in conferences, Bible colleges, seminars, and churches, releasing the authority of the believer and an anointing for signs, wonders, and miracles.