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Power To Forgive
Power To Forgive by Reinhard Hirtler

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Author: Reinhard Hirtler
Subtitle: How to Overcome Unforgiveness and Bitterness
Format: Paperback
Length: 198 Pages
Published: 2009

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Having lived through sexual and spiritual abuse, the author chose to overcome the pain, confusion, and bitterness with the help of God. Intimately understanding the pain and struggle to fully forgive those who wound, the compassion shared in this book will give you the same Power to Forgive.

Reinhard Hirtler has lived a life of forgiveness. From his more than 20 years of studying and teaching, he has developed proven biblical principles that have positively transformed lives worldwide.

The real-life stories throughout the book illustrate the importance and the power of forgiveness. Included are practical applications at the end of every chapter, which give you the opportunity to delve deeply to the root of the issue holding you back from total forgiveness from being fully free from the stranglehold of the one who wounded you.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Mike Bickle


Chapter 1: Gods Intent

Chapter 2: Emotional Wound Causes

Chapter 3: Wounds vs. Scars

Chapter 4: Steps to Healing

Chapter 5: Step 1 - Repentance

Chapter 6: Step 2 - Forgiveness

Chapter 7: Step 2 Continued How to Forgive

Chapter 8: True Stories of Forgiveness

Chapter 9: Step 3 Asking Forgiveness

Chapter 10: Step 4 Bless Your Enemies

Chapter 11: Receive Healing

Chapter 12: Things the Lord Taught Me

Chapter 13: Keeping a Clean Heart


Through a wonderful blend of vivid illustration, story telling, penetrating questions, practical advice, personal testimony, and biblical wisdom, Reinhard Hirtler, in his new book The Power to Forgive, inspires us to take a healthier and deeper look at our lives and relationships to see if we are being weighed down by the tragedy of unresolved bitterness and resentment. I cannot think of a more profound and universal subject forgiveness to address, because it too often receives only superficial treatment by various cultures within todays society. It becomes immediately apparent that Reinhard wont allow us to settle for a surface solution as he appeals to us out of both his rich personal and pastoral experience. He helps us to desire to penetrate deeper regions of our hearts to ferret out any such enemies that may, openly or secretly, be gnawing away at our joy in Christ and what He has done for us in His incarnation, life, death, resurrection, ascension, and the outpouring of His Spirit upon us. May we all discover the grace of God to overcome the bitterness of this world that is such a terrible poison to our souls. Thank you, Reinhard, for serving us the sound and practical wisdom you have learned to help us gain greater and lasting freedom through Jesus Christ.

Mike Roberts, Assistant Pastor, MorningStar Fellowship Church

A must-read for those wanting to come out stronger on the other side of betrayal, abuse, disappointment, and loss. Readers will be greatly encouraged by Reinhard Hirtlers practical insights and deep compassion. He takes us beyond the path of healing to the land of victory over every affliction of the soul.

Jane Hansen, Comptroller, MorningStar Ministries

About the Author

Reinhard Hirtler is Austrian and has worked as a church planter, pastor, Bible teacher, and translator for over 20 years. He travels internationally to preach at churches and conferences. In 2004 he and his wife, Debi, and their sons, Danny and Chris, moved to the United States and settled in North Carolina. Currently he is also working with children with special needs.