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High Way of Forgiveness
High Way of Forgiveness by Gwen Shaw

Price: $12.99
Author: Gwen Shaw
Format: Paperback
Length: 111 Pages
Published: 2012

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The good news of the Gospel is that your sins can be forgiven by the mercy of God because Jesus gave His life in our stead.  But it doesn’t stop there.  He also commands that if we want our sins and shortcomings to be forgiven, we must forgive the sins and shortcomings of others against us.

This book will help you to understand the principles of forgiveness and how to apply them in your own life. The Holy Spirit will speak to you through these pages and help you get the breakthrough you need for your own life, and teach you how to pray for others to be able to overcome.

Table of Contents
Forgiveness: The Key to Heaven
George and Mary
Sins Forgiven Still Leave Their Consequences
To be Able to Forgive is One of the Greatest Miracles
Forgiving Angels
The Dark Night of the Soul
Forgiveness is Life-Long
When I was a Prodigal Daughter
Always Seek Forgiveness from Anyone Who Has Something Against You
Don’t Come to God with Unforgiveness in Your Heart
Do Not Take the Serpent to Your Bosom
Love Can Change a Hard and Hurting Heart
The Prodigal Son
Bob and Jenny
The Greatness of God in You
How to Enable Yourself to Forgive
You Must Forgive Yourself
When We Forgive, it Makes Our Lives Fruitful
Learn How to Forgive from a Child
Why is it So Hard to Say I Am Sorry?
Never Take Another Person’s Offences on Yourself
Never Seek for Companionship with a Busybody
When do We Dare to Speak Evil Against Another Person?
When do We Keep Silent?
Words Can Cause Great Harm or Bring Beautiful Healing
It is Time for the Bride to Make Herself Ready for Her Wedding Day
The Covenant Token of the Rainbow
The Covenant Token of Circumcision God Make with Abraham
The Token of Battle Scars
The Covenant Token of the Law
The Holy Communion, the Covenant Token of the Followers of Jesus Christ
Never Take the Holy Communion Unworthily
The Power to Forgive is in the Blood of Jesus
The Breastplate of Judgment
Your Trials Will Make You Bitter or Better
How to Deal with Betrayal
Suicide: Another Form of Betrayal
Healing for You When You are Betrayed
Unforgiveness Can Keep You Out of Heaven
The Last Act of Revenge of the Spirit of a Dying Man
Enemy Number One
My Father’s Home-Going
We Need Enlargement of Heart
Jesus Loved and Received Sinners
Take an Honest Look at Yourself
Guilty or Not Guilty, Take the Blame
God Can Change a Heart in a Moment
The Greatness of God in David
Things that Can Hinder You from Forgiving
The Benefits of Forgiveness
Don’t be Offended by Those Who Leave You
Never Reject the Repentant Sinner
Don’t Expect the New Christian to be Perfect
Never Allow Unforgiveness to Destroy the High Calling of God on Your Life
An Evening Prayer