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Power Evangelism
Power Evangelism by John Wimber and Kevin Springer

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Author: John wimber and Kevin Springer
Subtitle: Revised and Updated with Study Guide
Format: Paperback
Length: 270 Pages
Published: 1986/2009

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Since its publication in 1986, the message of Power Evangelism has been embraced around the world. Terms such as power encounter, divine appointment and signs and wonders are now common among Christians from a variety of different traditions. Countless books and reviews have been written defending or attacking its concepts, and seminaries have held theological symposiums to debate the pros and cons of power evangelism, which Wimber defined as a presentation of the gospel that is rational but that also transcends the rational . . . a spontaneous, Spirit-inspired, empowered presentation of the gospel [that is] preceded and undergirded by demonstrations of Gods presence.

John Wimber believed that God called rank-and-file believers to a powerful influence on the world, and in this revised and updated version, he and Kevin Springer describe the releasing of Gods power through signs and wonders to refresh, renew, heal and equip His people. Drawing from the teaching of the New Testament, and with illustrations from his own experience, Wimber demonstrates how the incredible power of God can manifest in our world when we submit control of our lives to the Holy Spirit. This new edition also includes chapter-by-chapter study guides for group and individual use and updates on how power evangelism is being used in the Church today.

Table of Contents


How to Use the Study Guide


Part 1: The Kingdom Has Come

Chapter 1: A Powerful Experience

Chapter 2: The Kingdom of God

Chapter 3: Caught Between Two Ages

Chapter 4: The Gospel of the Kingdom

Chapter 5: Power and Authority

Study Session 1: The Kingdom Has Come

Part 2: The Power Encounter

Chapter 6: The Fight

Chapter 7: A War Zone

Chapter 8: Christians, Too

Chapter 9: Fearing Gods Power

Study Session 2: The Power Encounter

Part 3: Power Evangelism

Chapter 10: A Remarkable Encounter

Chapter 11: Power Evangelism

Chapter 12: How I Discovered Power Evangelism

Chapter 13: A Growing Church

Study Session 3: Power Evangelism

Part 4: The Divine Appointment

Chapter 14: Gods Appointment Book

Chapter 15: The Process of Conversion

Chapter 16: Launching Points

Chapter 17: Winning Whole Households

Study Session 4: The Divine Appointment

Part 5: Signs and Wonders and Worldviews

Chapter 18: In the Eye of the Beholder

Chapter 19: The Excluded Middle

Chapter 20: How Do Westerners See the World?

Chapter 21: How Jesus Saw the World

Chapter 22: Power Wrapped in Love

Study Session 5: Signs and Wonders and Worldviews

Part 6: The Works of Jesus

Chapter 23: Glimpses of Gods Love

Chapter 24: Power Over Demons

Chapter 25: Power Over Disease

Chapter 26: Power Over Nature

Chapter 27: Power Over Death

Study Session 6: The Works of Jesus

Part 7: Signs and Wonders in the Church

Chapter 28: Christs Method of Discipleship

Chapter 29: Keys to Discipleship

Chapter 30: Commissioning Ministry

Chapter 31: Transferring Ministry

Study Session 7: Signs and Wonders in the Church

Afterword: What Shall I Do?

Appendix A: Signs and Wonders in Church History

Appendix B: Signs and Wonders in the Twentieth Century

Appendix C: Turning the Evangelical Key

Appendix D: Power Evangelism and the Megachurch


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About the Author

John Wimber (1934-1997) was one of the founding leaders of the Vineyard Movement. He pastored Anaheim Vineyard Christian Fellowship from 1977 to 1994 and was a well-known speaker at international charismatic conferences, focusing on power evangelism and healing through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Kevin Springer is president of PRISM Leadership Group, a consulting ministry devoted to helping pastors and churches clarify their dreams and visions and assisting them in fulfilling them. He and his wife, Suzanne, also conduct marriage seminars and retreats.