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Possessing Your Inheritance
Possessing Your Inheritance by Chuck Pierce and Rebecca Wagner Sytsema

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Author: Chuck Pierce
Subtitle: Moving Forward In God's Covenant Plan For Your Lif
Format: Paperback
Length: 232 Pages
Published: 1998/2009

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Unlock Your Kingdom Potential

When Jesus said, I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly (John 10:10), He didnt mean when you get to heaven, but right now. Right here. God longs for you to experience in this life the fullness of all He has prepared for you. Possessing Your Inheritance reveals how to understand Gods will for your life and take hold of the spiritual riches He has in store for you. Embrace God-ordained destiny today and secure the future for yourself, your children and your childrens children.

Table of Contents

Forewords: By C. Peter Wagner and Cindy Jacobs

Chapter 1: Out of the Ruins
Both God and Stan have an inheritance for us. Gods plan is to restore and multiply back to us what the enemy has attempted to destroy and ruin.

Chapter 2: The Process of Restoration
Salvation is the only way to get back on the track God intended for us. Only Jesus can provide the forgiveness, healing, prosperity and restoration we long for.

Chapter 3: From Grief to Glory
Grief is a natural response to loss. Proper grieving will eventually reveal greater dimensions of Gods glory and a greater sense of His ability to restore.

Chapter 4: From Glory to Glory
Gods visitations fall like dew. Sometimes they are manifestations sometimes they are only sensed but they always leave His undeniable imprint and cause us to hunger for more of His presence.

Chapter 5: Understanding Gods Covenant Plan
Covenants bind us to a promise. Broken covenants scatter our blessings and give Satan legal right to our lives. Then fallout from demonic exposure can cause seeds of sin to take root in the territories where we live and the generations that follow us

Chapter 6:The Process of Spiritual Life
There is a nine-step process that will help us to secure our inheritance and cause our lives to become an offering of worship.

Chapter 7: Sin: The Enemys Greatest Thief
When sin is embedded in our lives, we experience blame, discredit, disgrace, shame, humiliation or scorn. But true repentance can transform us.

Chapter 8: Understanding Generational Sin and Iniquity
Sin in one generation can lead to deviant paths in the generations that follow. Could it be that generational sin affects the DNA we inherit?

Chapter 9: Possessing Your Inheritance
Like Joseph, we must learn how to wear favor as we would a special garment and protect it from the enemy. Then we can prosper in the boundaries God has set for us.


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About the Authors

Chuck D. Pierce is president of Glory of Zion International Ministries and vice president of Global Harvest Ministries. He is the former director of the World Prayer Center and coauthor of the books Possessing Your Inheritance, Protecting Your Home from Spiritual Darkness, and Gods Now Time for Your Life. Chuck, his wife Pam, and their five children live in Denton, Texas.

Rebecca Wagner Sytsema is coauthor of the books Possessing Your Inheritance, Protecting Your Home from Spiritual Darkness and Commitment to Conquer. She lives with her husband, Jack, and their three children in Florida.