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Only Believe
Only Believe by Paul King

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Author: Paul King
Subtitle: Examining the Origin and Development of Classic and Contemporary Word of Faith Theologies
Format: Paperback
Length: 408 Pages
Published: 2008

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What do Clement of Alexandria, Charles Spurgeon, A.W. Tozer, and Oswald Chambers have in common with contemporary word of faith movements? How do they differ?

Only Believe answers these questions and many more!

A ground-breaking book that:
  • Compares, contrasts, and weighs modern faith teaching with earlier evangelical writers.
  • Theologically engages the teachings of the word of faith movement and their critics.
  • Tracs the origins of faith teachings such as revelation knowledge, logos and rhema, seed faith, faith as a law and a force, covenant rights and inheritance, and attitudes toward medicine through the church fathers, mystics, reformers, Pietists, Puritans, and the Wesleyan, Keswick, and Higher Life holiness and healing movements.
  • Highlights positive, balanced principles of faith, guiding away from questionable teaching and practice, yet encouraging a strong, sound faith walk.
  • Contains a treasure house of classic preaching, teaching, and research material.

Table of Contents:
Part 1: History and Sources of Word of Faith Teaching and Practice
Chapter 1: Faith of Our Fathers: Word of Faith Roots in the Early Church Fathers, Mystics, Reformers, Puritan, Pietist, and Wesleyan Movements
Chapter 2: Classic Word of Faith Movements: Nineteenth/Early Twentieth-Century Men and Women of Faith
Chapter 3: Twentieth-Century Classic and Contemporary Word of Faith Movements

Part 2: Foundations of Word of Faith Teaching and Practice
Chapter 4: Faith and the Supernatural Today
Chapter 5: Faith and the Believer’s Inheritance: Claiming God’s Promises Today
Chapter 6: The Nature of Faith: Active or Passive?
Chapter 7: Faith and the Authority of the Believer

Part 3: Theological Issues of Word of Faith Teaching and Practice
Chapter 8: Faith as a Law
Chapter 9: Faith as a Force
Chapter 10: Faith in What? Faith from Where? The Object and Source of Faith
Chapter 11: Faith and the Will of God
Chapter 12: Logos and Rhema
Chapter 13: Revelation and Sense Knowledge
Chapter 14: Faith and Healing in the Atonement
Chapter 15: Faith, Evidence, and the Baptism in the Spirit

Part 4: Practical Issues of Word of faith Teaching and Practice
Chapter 16: Faith and Positive Mental Attitude
Chapter 17: Positive Confession
Chapter 18: Practical Issues of Prayer and Faith: Praying Once and Point of Contact
Chapter 19: Faith, Impressions, and Revelation: Issues of Discernment
Chapter 20: Faith, Doctors, and Medicine
Chapter 21: Faith, Death, and a Long, Healthy Life
Chapter 22: Faith, Suffering, Sickness, and Sanctification
Chapter 23: Faith and Prosperity

Part 5: Conclusions
Chapter 24: Faith and Hermeneutics
Chapter 25: Failures and Limitations of faith
Chapter 26: Claiming Inheritance or Dying to Self: Theology of Glory or Theology of the Cross?
Chapter 27: Summary of Healthy Practical Faith Principles for Today
Chapter 28: Final Conclusions and Recommendations
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Subject Index
Scripture Index

About the Author:
Paul King, an ordained minister of The Christian and Missionary Alliance and Oral Roberts University professor, is author of six books and was named the 2006 ORU Scholar of the Year. He teaches Divine Healing and Pneumatology in the ORU doctoral program and oversees the ORU Bible Institute program.