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Mystic Awakening
Mystic Awakening by Adrian Beale

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Author: Adrian Beale
Subtitle: Revealing the Ancient Secrets of God's Seers
Format: Paperback
Length: 224 Pages
Published: 2014

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Unlock an ancient faith that will change your life today! Mystical union with the Divine. Ancient paths into eternal realms. Heavenly language. These are not far-retched, new age experiences. They are your inheritance as a believer in Jesus Christ!

Get ready to tap into the supernatural realm that saints of old have walked in for centuries. This is not new truth or extra-Biblical revelation – it is transition to normal living in the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

Enoch, Abraham, Moses, Elijah, Elisha. These great patriarchs of old experienced God in ways that seem foreign and inaccessible today. Yet, because of Jesus, a New and Living Way was made so you could enjoy a new level of supernatural lifestyle that our ancestors longed to see and experience.

You will learn how to experience:

  • A deeper fellowship with God
  • The Holy Spirit’s voice with greater clarity
  • Supernatural encounters that produce spiritual maturity
  • The untapped power of speaking in tongues . . . from the Old Testament

The Mystic Awakening is coming to the body of Christ. Are you ready?

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Back to the Future
Chapter 2: The Way of the Altar
Chapter 3: Portals of Heaven
Chapter 4: Man. Utd
Chapter 5: The Making of a Warrior
Chapter 6: Authority
Chapter 7: The Foundation of Authority
Chapter 8: God’s Love Language
Chapter 9: Tongues
Chapter 10: Samson
Chapter 11: The Akedah
Chapter 12: The Trumpets
Chapter 13: The Ancient Paths
Chapter 14: The Mystic Journey
Chapter 15: The Fear of the Lord


We are at a place in church history where there is a deep hunger for the God who answers by fire. There is a rising glory Generation that are not satisfied with the status quo but are looking to see and experience the living God in ways not yet experienced. The Apostle Paul called Jesus the “Great Mystic Secret of God” where all supernatural knowledge is laid up and stored. We’ve been given access into God’s treasure room to bring forth and manifest those riches on the earth. Adrian Beale has done an amazing job in his new book The Mystic Awakening in bringing these truths to light. In this book you will discover truths to unlocking the supernatural kingdom of heaven in your life. I highly recommend this book to all that are hungry and thirsty for more!
Jeff Jansen, Senior Leader, Global Fire Church and Global Connect

We bless Adrian for his diligence in putting into simple language, backed up with scripture, God’s calling to His favorite creation, Mankind, to delve deeper into the mysteries of the almighty, the Kingdom, the Heavens and the supernatural way of life which God had originally intended for us all. I love how easy it is to navigate through the topics and how Adrian breaks it down into bite-size morsels to chew on and digest one at a time as the reader is lead into this amazing feast which the Father has laid for all the Church to partake. Thanks, Adrian, for giving this book to the Bride of Christ, to encourage us all into the supernatural lifestyle of asking, seeking, and finding Him.
Matt and Pearl Nagy, Glory Company, UK

About the Author:

Adrain Beale is an itinerant prophetic revelator, who imparts the spirits of wisdom and understanding (Isa. 11:2). His ability in scripture to see beyond the surface narratives to reveal eternal truths is exceptional. He is the co-author of The Divinity Code to Understanding Your Dreams and Visions and loves to interpret dreams publicly and release people into kingdom realities.