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Dream Book
Dream Book by Stephanie Schureman

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Author: Stephanie Schureman
Subtitle: A Beginner's Guide to Understanding God's Voice While You Sleep
Format: Paperback
Length: 256 Pages
Published: 2019

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Your dreams are a unique opportunity to hear from Heaven. While you sleep, daily distractions are absent, creating a space for God to speak.

In the night, God intertwines heavenly messages and details from your life into a meaningful, storied tapestry. These divinely woven dreams may offer wisdom, bestow comfort, or inspire courage.

This beginner’s guide to dream interpretation will show you how to:
  • Interpret your dreams using Scripture and the Holy Spirit’s guidance, even when dreams are embarrassing or frightening.
  • Capture your dreams in a dream journal.
  • Expand your creative ability by learning to “catch” heavenly treasure from dreams.
  • Understand the meanings behind nightmares.
  • Learn what to do when you experience déjà vu.
  • Discover your own personal code language with God.

You have been given access to God’s supernatural voice. Learn to unlock the language of dreams and visions and take hold of God’s special words for you!

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Adrian Beale and Adam F. Thompson
Introduction to Parents
Basic Understanding of Dream Interpretation
Chapter 1: Opportunity to Hear from Heaven
Chapter 2: The Ramp, the Runway
Chapter 3: The Ancient Book of Dreams
Chapter 4: God University
Chapter 5: Script-ure
Chapter 6: Isaac 0111, My New Address
Chapter 7: Do I Have to Believe in God to Get a Dream from God?
Chapter 8: The Brilliant Source of Wisdom

Journaling Your Dreams
Chapter 9: Seven Questions
Chapter 10: Practical Journaling
Chapter 11: Dedicating Sleep to God

Dreams Created by God
Chapter 12: Where Do Dreams Originate?
Chapter 13: God Is Motivated to Expose the Enemy!
Chapter 14: Who Are My Dreams About?
Chapter 15: What Has Stopped Me from Dreaming?

Dreaming 101
Chapter 16: Is Dreaming Good for Me?
Chapter 17: Pizza Dreams
Chapter 18: Emotionally Charged Dreams
Chapter 19: Dream Bring Opportunity for Change

Chapter 20: Dark Dreams, Nightmares, and Their Purpose
Chapter 21: Umbrella of Protection
Chapter 22: Lock the Gate

Death and Troubling Dreams
Chapter 23: Death Dreams
Chapter 24: Warning Dreams
Chapter 25: Death of an Issue
Chapter 26: Prayer Assignments

The Source
Chapter 27: The Right Source
Chapter 28: The Wrong Source
Chapter 29: Jesus vs. Psychic

This is War
Chapter 30: Two Kingdoms
Chapter 31: The Invitation
Chapter 32: Offending Our Mind to Check Our Heart
Chapter 33: This Is War
Chapter 34: Defeating the Terrorist

Famous and Creative Dreams
Chapter 35: Daydreams and Déjà vu
Chapter 36: Do Animals Dream?
Chapter 37: Famous Dreams
Chapter 38: The King and the Dismembered Hand
Chapter 39: Famous Dreamers

Numbers, Names, and Super-Heroes
Chapter 40: 171717 and My New Address
Chapter 41: Names and Specific Details
Chapter 42: Superheroes
Chapter 43: Super Armor
Chapter 44: 3:16 and Your Own Personal Numbers
Chapter 45: More on Numbers

Final Notes
Chapter 46: Who Is Jesus?
Chapter 47: What Is Prayer?
Chapter 48: Why Should I Read the Bible?
Chapter 49: What Is Fire Camp?
Recommended Reading

About the Author:
Stephanie Schureman, author, speaker, and founder of Dwelling Place Ministries is an ordained minister and teacher at two local Bible schools. Steph leads conferences and prophetic/revival equipping Fire Camp for children youth, and adults and authored Here I Am the One You Love. Stephanie is a home-schooling mother of six children, blessed with five grandchildren and the wife of husband Cris for thirty-four years, residing in Golden, Colorado.