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Modern-Day Apostles
Modern-Day Apostles by Che Ahn

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Author: Che Ahn
Subtitle: Operating in Your Apostolic Office and Anointing
Format: Paperback
Length: 202 Pages
Published: 2019

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When the people of God access the apostolic anointing, the Earth will witness a greater manifestation of Jesus’ fullness and power!

Dr. Che Ahn, president and founder of Harvest International Ministry is a world-recognized apostolic leader. In this signature book, he is taking all believers to the school of the apostles, where they will learn to either operate in the office of apostle or function apostolically in their current sphere of influence.

You will learn how to:
  • Recognize if you are an apostle by office or apostolic in function.
  • Step into your apostolic anointing and multiply the release of Kingdom influence through your life.
  • Operate in your apostolic jurisdiction in the church or marketplace.
  • Re-culturalize your sphere of influence as an ambassador of God’s Kingdom.

When you learn how to operate apostolically, you can boldly take your place as an ambassador of God’s Kingdom on Earth with a supernatural assignment to transform your sphere of influence to look more like Heaven.

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Bill Johnson
Part 1: The General Characteristics of a Modern-Day Apostle
Chapter 1: Apostles are Called by God
Chapter 2: Apostles are Sent by God
Chapter 3: Apostles are Commissioned
Chapter 4: Apostles Have Christlike Character
Chapter 5: Apostles Have Extraordinary Authority
Chapter 6: Apostles Have Authority to Wage Warfare and to Make Apostolic Decrees by Binding and Loosing
Chapter 7: Apostles Have the Law of Apostolic Attraction
Chapter 8: Apostles are Aligned
Chapter 9: Apostles Cast Vision
Chapter 10: Apostles Work with Prophets
Chapter 11: Apostles Form Apostolic Teams
Chapter 12: There Are Many Different Types of Apostles

Part 2: The Revival Characteristics of a Modern-Day Apostle
Chapter 13: Apostles are Revivalists: They are to Advance the Kingdom of Heaven with Signs and Wonders Following
Chapter 14: Apostles are Catalytic Pioneers
Chapter 15: Apostles Govern
Chapter 16: Apostles Resolve Conflicts
Chapter 17: Apostles Have Determined Spheres of Ministry
Chapter 18: Apostles Receive Revelation
Chapter 19: Apostles Know How to Recognize, Disciple, and Raise Up Leaders
Chapter 20: Apostles Impart Spiritual Gifts

Part 3: The Reformation Characteristics of a Modern-Day Apostle
Chapter 21: Apostles are Called to Disciple Nations with God’s Word
Chapter 22: Apostles are Called to Bring God’s Kingdom Culture to Earth
Chapter 23: Apostles are Kingdom-Hearted and Kingdom-Minded
Chapter 24: Apostles are Wise Master Builders
Chapter 25: Marketplace Apostles are Aligned with Nuclear Church Apostles
Chapter 26: Marketplace Apostles Have Respect
Chapter 27: Apostles Have Money or Access to Wealth
Chapter 28: Apostles Have Positions of Influence
Chapter 29: Apostles Align the Generations
Chapter 30: Apostles Know How to Finish


Dr. Che Ahn is a true apostolic father who has nurtured, covered, and networked apostles, prophets, and leaders globally for years. His book will open your understanding to a new wave of apostolic grace that the Lord is releasing in this day. God is raising up Kingdom apostles in every realm of influence in society. Expect to receive valuable insight, revelation, and impartation as you read this book – the Spirit will clearly call you to go for the ore of God.
Dr. Patricia King, Founder, Patricia King Ministries

Modern-Day Apostles is one of the most significant books written on this subject that we have today. It is historic and destined to be a classic on the role of apostles. It clears up misunderstandings about the role of apostles and presents clear, biblical revelation on how they operate today. Every leader and all believers need a copy of this book in their library.
Dr. Cindy Jacobs, Generals International

About the Author:
Che Ahn earned his ministry degrees from Fuller Theological Seminary and has played a key role in strategic local and international outreaches. He founded Harvest International Ministry (HIM), a global apostolic network committed to helping fulfill the Great Commission. He travels extensively worldwide, bringing apostolic insight with a focus on renewal, healing, and evangelism. He and his wife, Sue, are lead apostles and founding pastors of HRock Church in Pasadena, California.