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Ministering to Soul Fragmentation, Dissociative Identity Disorder and Satanic Ritual Abuse
Ministering To Soul Fragmentation by Karen Kottaridis

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Author: Karen Kottaridis
Format: 8.5X11" Manual
Length: 69 Pages
Published: 2010

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Over the past decade, the Lord has been raising up many excellent healing and deliverance ministries. Over time, it has become obvious to those ministering in this arena that there is a very severe form of wounding occurring in the hearts and souls of people who have suffered trauma during the early childhood years. This wounding causes a perceived splitting of the soul into wounded separate and distinct alternate personalities. This fragmenting of the soul is called dissociation.

The Lord has been releasing revelation to the body of Christ on how to heal the various complexities of soul fragmentation. The goal of this manual is to summarize a biblically-based healing and deliverance approach for ministering to fragmentation based upon Karen Kottaridis ministry training, research in this area, personal experience with DID/SRA, and experience in ministering to others. This manual is written for those already trained and experienced in the basics of biblical healing and deliverance and spiritual warfare. Additionally, this manual does not attempt to provide a comprehensive teaching on the various aspects of dissociation as there are many excellent books that cover this material. Karens prayer is that you will find revelation in this manual that will help you bring freedom and healing to some of the Lords most wounded sheep.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Dr. Bill Sudduth


Chapter 1: Overview of Soul Fragmentation

Chapter 2: Levels of Complexity

Chapter 3: Identifying Soul Fragmentation

Chapter 4: Characteristics of Fragmented Parts

Chapter 5: The Internal World of Parts

Chapter 6: The Ministry Process

Chapter 7: Dissociative Identity Disorder

Chapter 8: Satanic Ritual Abuse

Chapter 9: Occult-level Spiritual Warfare

Soul Fragmentation (Depiction)

Common SRA Stronghold Areas

Occult-level Warfare Prayer Guidelines

References and Definitions


This small book is the most practical and enlightening book on the subject of fragmentation, DID and SRA that has come across my desk yet. It is the product of years of ministry. Karen shares a treasure chest of practical how-tos in ministering to these broken individuals. I consider this training manual a must for all deliverance ministers.

Doris Wagner, Executive Vice-President, Global Harvest Ministries, Founder, International Society of Deliverance Ministers

Karen has done an excellent job n describing the complexities of those struggling with soul fragmentation, dissociative identity disorder and satanic ritual abuse. I highly recommend this book as it is a powerful training manual for all called to minister healing and deliverance. You will be empowered to understand how to identify these issues and to minister from the heart and authority of the Lord to see lives transformed! Thank you, Karen, for your wisdom and insight!

Rebecca Greenwood, President, Christian Harvest International

About the Author

Karen Kottaridis, founder of A Shepherds Heart Ministry, has been ministering to and training in soul fragmentation, dissociative identity disorder and satanic ritual abuse since 1999. Karen has graduated from San Jose State University, Smith College, Beacon School of Theology and Wagner Leadership Institute and holds degrees, diplomas and certificates in mathematics and computer science, business management, theology and practical ministry. Karen is an ordained minister and is currently the Chancellor of Wagner Leadership Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where she lives with her husband and two children. Karen has no medical or mental health training or credentials.