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Messianic Church Arising
Messianic Church Arising by Robert Heidler

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Author: Robert Heidler
Subtitle: Restoring the Church to Our Covenant Roots!
Format: Paperback
Length: 221 Pages
Published: 2006

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We live in one of the most exciting days in human history! Jesus is preparing His Bride! The Spirit of God is restoring the covenant roots of His Church! The Church is rising up in a power and glory we have not witnessed since the first century. The Lord is inviting you to be part of that restoration. In this book, you will learn . . .

  • The secret of the early churchs power . . . and how the early church died!
  • How Gods plan for restoration operates in the earth-realm!
  • How to access the lost riches of Gods covenant blessing!
  • How to recover Gods plan for rest and refreshing in your life!
  • How to enter into a life of increase through the biblical feasts!
  • How to be grafted into Gods life-giving plan!
  • What the Body of Christ will look like in the future!

This book has revival within its pages. It will show you how to regain the blessings of your lost inheritance. Once you see the root you are grated into, the power of the Life of that root springs forth in you. You will bear fruit!

Table of Contents

Foreword by Dr. Chuck D. Pierce

Part 1: Discovering Our Lost Inheritance


Chapter 1: The Church God Planted

Chapter 2: The Root and the Branches

Chapter 3: The Death of the Early Church

Chapter 4: What the Church Lost

Chapter 5: The Process of Resurrection

Part 2: Recovering Our Lost Inheritance


Chapter 6: The Teaching of God

Chapter 7: Entering Gods Rest

Chapter 8: Gods Cycle of Life

Chapter 9: Living in Covenant

Chapter 10: Walking in Holiness

Chapter 11: The Dwelling Place of God

Chapter 12: The Restoration of All Things

Appendix 1: Gods Heart for the Jews

Appendix 2: The Jewishness of the Early Church

Appendix 3: Celebrating the Feasts

Part 1: Passover

Part 2: Pentecost

Part 3: Trumpets

Part 4: Atonement

Part 5: Tabernacles

Part 6: Dates of the Feasts (2006-2020)


About the Author

Robert Heidler is an apostolic teacher with Glory of Zion International Ministries, senior pastor of Glory of Zion Outreach Center, and dean of The Issachar School. He holds a B.A. from the University of South Florida, a Th.M. from Dallas Theological Seminary, and a Doctor of Practical Ministry from Wagner Leadership Institute.

Robert has served as Curriculum Coordinator for the International Educational Fellowship and ministered extensively in Russia and Eastern Europe. He has been a visiting teacher at the Messianic Jewish Bible Institutes, teaching in Budapest, Hungary; Moscow, Russia; and Odessa, Ukraine. Robert and his wife, Linda, are also visiting teachers at the Gateways Beyond Messianic training center in Cyprus. Robert and his wife have three grown children and live in Denton, Texas.