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Messiah The First Judgment
Messiah The First Judgment

Price: $16.99
Author: Wendy Alec
Subtitle: Chronicles of Brothers - Book 2
Format: Paperback
Length: 439 Pages
Published: 2008

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Three royal brothers . . .

three archangels . . .

one turned renegade . ..

the saga continues!

Lucifer is banished from the first heaven as king of perdition, he swiftly enforces his claim to destroy the race of men - past, present and future generations - ensuring their incarceration in the lake of fire. Only one can put a stop to Lucifer's malevolent plans - Lucifer's loathed arch adversary - the Nazarene. A savage bloody battle rages in the vaults of the damned . . . the vast royal armies of the first heaven wage war with hell's fallen hordes. For the ultimate prize - the race of men!

Perditions kingdom is ravaged by the armies of the Nazarene. Lucifer defeated. For a season.

He is summoned before Yehovah in chains for the first judgment of the Plains of the White Poplars. He returns to Perditin. Mutinous. Defiant. He sends for the Dread Councils of Hell. The Warlocks of Ishtar, Grey Magus, Shaman Kings all converge on the Iceplains of Gehenna to conspire against the race of men. Determined to avenge their dishonor at Golgotha. Lucifer will clone his own messiah . . . Now the fallen come to Earth to war for the race of men.

The tale is chilling . . . the consequences inconceivable.

Table of Contents

The Characters

From The Fall of Lucifer


Chapter 1: Prince of Perdition

Chapter 2: Aretas of Petra

Chapter 3: Brothers

Chapter 4: The First Heaven

Chapter 5: Herod

Chapter 6: Christos

Chapter 7: The Revelation

Chapter 8: The Seventh Stone

Chapter 9: The Hordes of Hell

Chapter 10: Alexandria

Chapter 11: Monastery of Archangels

Chapter 12: Meggido

Chapter 13: The Gathering

Chapter 14: AD 26

Chapter 15: Betrayal - AD 27

Chapter 16: Terms of Engagement

Chapter 17: The Vale of Temptation - AD 27

Chapter 18: Flight - AD 27

Chapter 19: Zahi

Chapter 20: Kerf Kenna - AD 27

Chapter 21: AD 27

Chapter 22: Gerasene

Chapter 23: Subterfuge

Chapter 24: The Veil

Chapter 25: The Hebrew

Chapter 26: Dark Choices

Chapter 27: Galilee

Chapter 28: Mandragora

Chapter 29: Lazarus

Chapter 30: Lower than the Angels

Chapter 31: Judas

Chapter 32: The Trophy

Chapter 33: Gethsemane

Chapter 34: The Witness

Chapter 35: Antonia - AD 30

Chapter 36: The Place of the Skull

Chapter 37: Golgotha

Chapter 38: The Veil

Chapter 39: Hell's Gates

Chapter 40: Warrior King

Chapter 41: Jotapa

Chapter 42: The Carnelian Chalice

Chapter 43: Mourning

Chapter 44: Echoes of Eternity

Chapter 45: The First Judgment

Chapter 46: The Dread Councils of Hell

Chapter 47: The Rubied Door

About the Author

Wendy Alec the author was born in London, England. Coming from a background in the arts and media, she is the Programming and Creative Director of GOD TV, a leading global religious broadcasting network that she co-founded with her husband.