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Becoming the Voice of God
Becoming the Voice of God by Emma Stark

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Author: Emma Stark
Subtitle: Next-Level Training for Prophetic People
Format: Paperback
Length: 295 Pages
Published: 2023

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Have you felt the urge to become an effective mouthpiece of God in these days? The Lord is raising up a company of prophets across the earth who are emerging to proclaim His voice with boldness, excellence, and faith.

Many are hearing a call into the role of the prophet but have no idea what to do with it and have never received guidance in what this looks like. Becoming the Voice of God is an essential training guide to help you grow into the office, equipping you with the biblical instruction and wisdom you will need to fully step into your anointing.

Are you ready to emerge as a voice that changes your family, community, and nation?

Emma Stark – a sound, accurate, and well-respected prophet and church leader, with over a decade of experience operating in her prophetic office and mentoring hundreds of others to do the same – offers this vital handbook for those called to serve as prophets in the body of Christ.

Emma’s remarkable, fresh insights into Scripture will be treasured guideposts on your journey into prophesying with a Kingdom weight and authority, including:
  • Authority
  • Alignment
  • Safety
  • Fear of the Lord
  • Warfare
  • Integrity
  • Your Prayer Life
  • The Role of Prophets Today

The prophetic church is being established around the world. Bold warrior prophets have a foundational role to play in the days ahead. Don’t miss being part of this new era!

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Jeremiah Johnson
Section 1: Emerging as a Prophet
Chapter 1: What Is a Prophet?
Chapter 2: The Office of Prophet versus the Gift of Prophecy
Chapter 3: Prophets and the Fivefold Ministry
Chapter 4: Prophets and the Church
Chapter 5: Prophets and Biblical Leadership
Chapter 6: Becoming a Prophet
Chapter 7: What are Prophets Like?
Chapter 8: The Types of Prophets
Chapter 9: The Three Ways of Revelation
Chapter 10: Understanding the Role of the Prophet

Section 2: The Deeper Dive
Chapter 11: Prophesying into Structures and Systems
Chapter 12: The Mindset and Community of a Thriving Prophet
Chapter 13: Dealing with Wounding
Chapter 14: Wrath and Anger, Love and Mercy
Chapter 15: Prophets and Relationships
Chapter 16: What Makes a False Prophet?
Chapter 17: Becoming a Useful Voice
Chapter 18: The Second Wave
Chapter 19: Prophets, Nations, and People
Chapter 20: Becoming a Second Wave Prophet
Chapter 21: How We Communicate Revelation
Chapter 22: A Word of the Lord to Second Wave Prophets Now

About the Author:
Emma Stark is an Irish prophet known around the world for her authority and authenticity. A fifth-generation Bible teacher, she communicates with a rare clarity, humor, and Celtic boldness. Emma is a core leader of the British Isles Council of Prophets and, with her husband, leads Glasgow Prophetic Centre and the Global Prophetic Alliance. Every year thousands travel to their center in Scotland to hear from God, receive freedom, and be equipped as prophetic warriors.