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Mega Shift
Mega Shift by James Rutz

Price: $14.99
Author: James Rutz
Subtitle: The Best News Since Year One
Format: Paperback
Length: 259 Pages
Published: 2011

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Predominant power has suddenly shifted into the hands of us nobodies. Our big sleep has ended, our 1700-year nightmare is over, and we are launching the final transformation of the Earth.

You are about to see what’s really going on today:
  • God has brought people back from the dead in 52 countries, mostly in the last ten years. All documented.
  • Scores of cities plagued with crime and poverty are being transformed.
  • Millions of miracles are happening through ordinary people.
  • Over half the people on the planet may be highly active Christians within two decades.
  • A new form of Christianity promises to bring a far greater impact than the Protestant Reformation. And you can be a key part of it.
  • A vast, cleansing storm is roaring toward us from abroad.

Megashift is a startling introduction to that surge of grass roots power and love that will lay a whole new basis for civilization. Thousands of committed teams around the globe are producing aneo-culture of responsible freedom. This is the next step up from Protestantism, though the beliefs remain the same. It is a joyful megashift away from pastor-centered, spectator religion toward a more Biblical church where God works directly through you – and you are freed from your problems and empowered to do wonders.

This book can turn you into a genuine priest with full authority to transform people and start your own network: small, sermon-free, life-changing circles of power where people are allowed to speak and interact and form the deepest friendships of their lives. Your adventure has begun.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: The New Kingdom Explosion – Exciting Miracles and Church Growth
Chapter 2: The New Engines of Change – Ten Rediscovered Forces Behind It All
Chapter 3: The New Saints – Seven Signs of Today’s Overcomers
Chapter 4: The New Church – Thirty Hallmarks of Emerging, Scripture-Based Congregations
Chapter 5: The New Meetings – Nineteen Things that Happen in Open, Body Life Gatherings
Epilogue: Mad Max, Zorah, and the Lady in Pink
Appendix 1: Invitation to Life
Appendix 2: How Did We Ever Get into This Mess?
Appendix 3: How to Raise the Dead – A Dozen at a Time
For Further Equipping – Books and Websites
What’s Net – Seven Ways to Take Action

God is catching us all by surprise, doing things around the world without asking anybody’s permission! Churches are growing in places and styles we think should be forbidden because it upsets the status quo.
The Lord is bypassing some of our most cherished heroes and using housewives, teenagers, and faceless nobodies to prophetically guide the church. So fasten your seat belt as Jim Rutz takes you on a roller-coaster tour of some of the most exciting and groundbreaking developments on the planet today. If you can remain completely unperturbed and unchanged by what you are about to read, I honestly would like to meet you.
Wolfgang Simson, Author

Megashift is an upbeat, optimistic, faith-filled look at what God is doing today and what He will be doing tomorrow around the world. Jim Rutz helps us to hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches. You cannot afford to miss this book!
C. Peter Wagner, Chancellor, Wagner Leadership Institute; Author

I’ve read a thousand books, but nothing ever moved me so powerfully as Megashift. I wept my way through page after page, miracle after miracle. Now I see how I’ve been placing God in a box. It’s made a radical change in my way of thinking, and I’ll never be the same again. Nobody could, after reading this book of wonders.
Michael A. McGrath, Author