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Manifesting the Blessings of God
Manifesting the Blessings of God by Steven Brooks

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Author: Steven Brooks
Subtitle: How to Receive Every Promise and Provision that Heaven Has Made Available
Format: Paperback
Length: 216 Pages
Published: 2017

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How do you watch invisible promises become visible blessings in your life? Many people have prayed for miracles and breakthroughs . . . but they are still waiting to see these prayers get answered. What is the key to receiving answers from Heaven?

Christians are taught a great deal about how to receive entry into God’s family by grace, through faith. The problem is that many are only taught how to enter the Kingdom; they are not given practical, Bible-based strategies on how to live victoriously in the Kingdom of God. The revelation of our inheritance in the Kingdom determines how we approach God in prayer, and ultimately how we receive every promise and provision He has made available!

Bestselling author and prophetic teacher Steven Brooks offers eye-opening revelation mixed with miraculous stories that will give you a powerful glimpse of every blessing and inheritance that has been made available to you.

You will learn how to:
  • Transform you mind so you can think from God’s realm of unlimited supply.
  • Build your faith through a supernatural prayer language.
  • Enjoy God’s blessings while living in the place of peace.
  • Ask and receive the desires of your heart.
  • Activate the process of manifesting the blessings of God.

Watch prayers come to pass as you rediscover the lost art of manifesting the blessings of God!

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: The Revelation of Faith
Chapter 2: Asking For and Receiving Desires
Chapter 3: Show Me Your Works
Chapter 4: The Mind Transformation Process
Chapter 5: Learning Faith from the Nighthawk
Chapter 6: The Progressive Nature of Faith
Chapter 7: The Magnetism of Faith to Win
Chapter 8: Faith for Answered Prayers
Chapter 9: Tongues and Praying in the Spirit to Build Up Faith
Chapter 10: Your First and Your Second Sleep
Chapter 11: Stepping Into Jehu’s Chariot
Chapter 12: Faith to Wrestle with God
Chapter 13: Enjoying Your Blessings in the Peace of God
Chapter 14: Angelic Wealth Transfer
Chapter 15: Showing You How to Do It

Steven has written a book in which every page is the developing process for a faith algorithm. It will sustain you and at the same time inspire you to challenge yourself to live and achieve the dreams and desires you thought would never come to pass. You will read this book, chapter by chapter, many times over.
Lloyd Bustard, Founder and Lead Pastor of World Worship Center

About the Author:
Steven Brooks is known worldwide for his outstanding ability to preach and teach the Word of God with refreshing clarity and spiritual precision. His powerful healing and miracle ministry have taken him throughout America and around the globe with confirming signs and wonders that infuses the believer with bold faith and vivacious joy in Christ.