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Make Your Splash
Make Your Splash by Laura Harris Smith and Christopher Lee Smith

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Author: Laura Harris Smith and Christopher Lee Smith
Subtitle: Maximize Your Career and Cultural Impact by Discovering Your Spiritual Personality
Format: Paperback
Length: 251 Pages
Published: 2023

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If we were created to make an impact, why do most of us feel like we’re drowning in problems and fears? Why does making a living feel like fighting the current? The answer, say pastors and culture-makers Christopher and Laura Harris Smith, is simple: You need to find your river of influence.

With fresh revelation and contagious excitement, Chris and Laura introduce the groundbreaking twelve cultural rivers of influence. Full of hands-on assessments, thought-provoking questionnaires and dynamic Scripture teachings, this is your map to a river adventure like no other. Along the way Chris and Laura help you:

  • Discover your spiritual personality
  • Discern your natural, acquired and spiritual giftings
  • Channel your personality and giftings into your God-appointed purpose
  • Identify – and jump into! – your river of influence
  • Flow with God toward your future and more!

Don’t let fear erode your purpose or ebb your eternal impact. It’s time to dive in to all He has for you – and make your splash that turns the tides of culture and ripples into eternity.

Table of Contents:

Forewords by Cindy and Mike Jacobs

Part 1: Test the Waters

Chapter 1: Just Add Water

Chapter 2: There’s Something in the Water

Chapter 3: Waterworks

Chapter 4: Your Net Worth

Chapter 5: In Over Your Head

Chapter 6: Born of Water and Spirit

Chapter 7: Uncharted Waters

Chapter 8: Go with the Flow

Chapter 9: Come on In, the Water’s Fine!

Chapter 10: Sink or Swim

Part 2: Take the Plunge

Chapter 11: Home and Family River

Chapter 12: Information Technology River

Chapter 13: Healthcare and Therapeutic Sciences River

Chapter 14: Politics and Law River

Chapter 15: Military and Paramilitary River

Chapter 16: Creativity River (Fine Arts and Intellectual Property)
Chapter 17: Entertainment and Recreation River

Chapter 18: Consumer Services and Commerce River

Chapter 19: Academics and Training River

Chapter 20: Press and Telecommunications River

Chapter 21: Energy and Utilities River

Chapter 22: Ministries and Charities River

Part 3: Turn the Tide

Wet Your Appetite

See Your Reflection

Plot Your Course

Dive In!

Get in the Flow


About the Author:

Dr. Laura Harris Smith and Dr. Christopher Lee Smith have spent decades with one foot in ministry and the other in influential media and marketplace positions. Together, they founded Eastgate Creative Christian Fellowship and Eastgate Christian College in Nashville, manage NeuromaticsOils.com (their essential oil business) and produce Laura’s talk show, theTHREE. Married for almost 40 years, they have 6 children and more than a dozen grandchildren.