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Lost Art of Pure Worship
Lost Art of Pure Worship by James Goll and Chris Dupre

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Author: Contributors: Jeff Deyo, Sean Feucht, Julie Meyer
Subtitle: James Goll and Chris Dupre
Format: Paperback
Length: 161 Pages
Published: 2012

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The Lost Art of Pure Worship is a gathering of great spiritual leaders who share their unique experiences and desires about the precious act of worshiping a worthy heavenly Father.

James W. Goll is joined by these five spiritual powerhouses:

  • Chris DuPre – Great song writer, seasoned worship leader, and teacher on the Father’s heart of God.
  • Jeff Deyo – Former lead singer of renowned Christian band Sonic Flood, song writer and leader of the Pure Worship Institute.
  • Sean Feucht – Young leader of Burn 24/7, brings a next-generation voice.
  • Julie Meyer – One of the best worship leaders and prophetic voices from the International House of Prayer world in Kansas City.
  • Rachel Goll Tucker – Daughter of James, a singer, song writer, and recording artist with the band August York.

Together, these six voices direct you into practical truths, passion with a purpose, and experience in pure worship to the one true God.

The Lost Art of Pure Worship completes James Goll’s inspiring The Lost Art trilogy series. First was The Lost Art of Intercession, followed by The Lost Art of Practicing His Presence (originally titled Wasted on Jesus).

Table of Contents

Introduction (James W. Goll)

Section 1: For the Audience of One

Chapter 1: Responding to Love (Chris DuPre)

Chapter 2: The Power of High Praise (James W. Goll)

Chapter 3: Oil for Pure Worship (Julie Meyer)

Section 2: Equal Access to the Throne

Chapter 4: Tabernacle of David (Chris DuPre)

Chapter 5: Twenty-Four/Seven (Sean Feucht)

Chapter 6: Worship Precedes the Presence (James W. Goll)

Chapter 7: The Authentic Worshiper (Jeff Deyo)

Section 3: Tips for the Journey

Chapter 8: Creating a Culture of Worship (Rachel Goll Tucker)

Chapter 9: The Prophetic Song of the Lord (James W. Goll)

Chapter 10: Worship Road Trip (Chris DuPre)


For years I have struggled with the idea that worship is something that happens when the music begins, or is somehow relegated to the four walls of a building. The great apostle Paul said, “offer your body as a living sacrifice,” and yet so many Christians have a dualistic approach to God. They “worship” on Sunday morning, and the rest of the week they work. I have longed for someone to teach the Body of Christ how to integrate worship as a lifestyle, where the only difference between church services and their daily occupation is the type of instruments that are used to give God glory. The Lost Art of Pure Worship is a clarion call for believers to return to their God-given mandate to live in a continuous state of communion with God. The authors have done a masterful job of teaching people the lost are of worship. This book could radically alter your walk with God, taking you from the outer court of a boring existence to the holy place of continuous divine encounters. I highly recommend this book.

Kris Vallotton, Co-Founder of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry

A new generation of worshipping warriors is arising. Join in the growing company of Mary of Bethanys who love to pour out their love through worship at the feet of Jesus. May this book be used to encourage and expand the global worship and prayer movement.

Mike Bickle, Director of International House of Prayer, Kansas City, Missouri

About the Author

Dr. James W. Goll is the cofounder of Encounters Network, director of PrayerStorm, and coordinates Encounters Alliance, a coalition of leaders. He has shared Jesus in more than 50 nations worldwide. He is the author of numerous books, and is the founder of the God Encounters Training E-School. He has four children: Justin, GraceAnn, Tyler, and Rachel; and makes his home in Franklin, Tennessee.