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Releasing Spiritual Gifts Today
Releasing Spiritual Gifts Today by Jame Goll

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Author: James Goll
Format: Paperback
Length: 187 Pages
Published: 2016

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God wants you to experience the great wonder of moving in and through His grace – on a daily basis. That’s why this study guide isn’t just about how to discover your spiritual gifts, or even how to receive them – it’s about how to release them! Give them away!

The Spirit is demonstrating God’s supernatural power through His church today as realms of his glory are released on a global basis. All of God’s gifts are still fully operational, and every single believer is designed to flow in the river of God, fulfilling his or her destiny.

In Releasing Spiritual Gifts Today, you’ll learn the way the Holy Spirit moves and how He operates through spiritual gifts. Then you’ll explore the nine most widely recognized gifts. These are not the only gifts God gives His children, but they are vital to understand and then activate according to His leading for the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

This book is filled with examples of how spiritual gifts have been used in action, both within the pages of the Bible and in contemporary times. God desires to pour out His gifts on His people today in even greater degrees of impact and authority. Discover what the Lord wants to do for you and through you by releasing spiritual gifts in a mighty outpouring of His love, grace, and power.

Table of Contents:
Acknowledgments and Dedication
Foreword by Sid Roth
Preface: Just Do It!
Section 1: Introduction to Spiritual Gifts
Chapter 1: What Are the Spiritual Gifts?
Chapter 2: How the Holy Spirit Moves
Chapter 3: How to Grow in Exercising Spiritual Gifts
Section 2: Revelatory Gifts – The Gifts That Reveal
Chapter 4: The Gift of Discerning of Spirits
Chapter 5: The Gift of the Word of Wisdom
Chapter 6: The Gift of a Word of Knowledge
Section 3: Power Gifts – The Gifts That Do
Chapter 7: The Gift of Faith
Chapter 8: The Gifts of Healings
Chapter 9: The Workings of Miracles
Section 4: Vocal Gifts – The Gifts That Speak
Chapter 10: The Gift of Various Kinds of Tongues
Chapter 11: The Gift of Interpretation of Tongues
Chapter 12: The Gift of Prophecy
Closing Exhortation: Fulfilling the Great Commission Today
Resource Materials
About the Author

I sense God is readying the church for a new visitation. When He comes near, we experience more of His grace as empowerment through the expression of grace seen in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. I sense this is the hour to no longer be satisfied with knowing about the grace gifts of God – God wants us to understand how to hear from Him and to act on His behalf through His divine enablements, His gifts. I am grateful to James for this labor of love that helps to clarify for many who are just now coming to the Master’s banquet table the importance and the value of His gifts, and the way to begin flowing and growing in them.
Randy Clark, D.Min., Founder and president of Global Awakening and the Apostolic Network of Global Awakening

This is more than a book; it is a supernatural activation tool for every believer. Through the pages of this supernatural manual, believers will receive revelatory teaching on how to recognize, activate, and release the gifts of the Holy Spirit in their lives. Contrary to popular belief, the gifts of the Spirit are not static but require our active participation and partnership. This divinely inspired book will answer your vital questions, such as: “Are the gifts of the Spirit relevant for today?” “How do I become more sensitive to the Holy Spirit?” “How do believers release the power of the Holy Spirit in their lives?” If you are ready to walk in a greater dimension of the supernatural, this book is for you! Read with intentionality and hunger, and you will never be the same again!
Kynan T. Bridges, Pastor, Grace & Peace Global Fellowship, Author

About the Author:
Dr. James Goll is the president of Encounters Network, as well as the international director of prayer Storm and the founder of God Encounters Training – an eSchool of the heart. He is the author of numerous books, including Passionate Pursuit, The Seer, The Lost Art of Intercession, and The Coming Israel Awakening. With great joy, James has shared Jesus in more than fifty nations, teaching and imparting the power of intercession, prophetic ministry, and life in the Spirit. James and Michal Ann Goll were married for thirty-two years before her graduation to heaven in the fall of 2008. James has four adult married children and a growing number of grandchildren. He makes his home in Franklin, Tennessee.