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Life, Life, and More Life
Life, Life and More Life by John Bell

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Author: John Bell
Subtitle: The Power of Declaring Life in the Most Challenging of Cicumstances
Format: Paperback
Length: 129 Pages
Published: 2020

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Are you wondering why your life is filled with fear, worry, and doubt? Do you seek the meaning and purpose of life, but you keep hitting a dead end? Have you wondered why life is mundane and joy and peace continually escape you?

John Bell had a death experience in 2012. When he was resuscitated, he returned a changed man. As John shares, “I am filled with life, and sometimes, annoyingly so! When I was awakened in 2012, I was given new life. The Lord spoke and encouraged me to live each day lie it was my last, filled with the abundant life that has been given freely by Christ.”

John set out on a journey to understand this “abundant life,” and he found it. Wisdom gleaned from his search and discovery of God’s revelation are written into each devotional. Using his personal testimony and stories from the mission field, John shares from a place of freedom and healing.

As you work through these daily devotions, may the words and scriptures within lead you, direct you, encourage you, and stir you to surrender your wounds, fears, and insecurities to God. May you experience the healing, deliverance, and freedom that the Lord Jesus Christ has laid out for you. This is a gift – open it, receive it, play with it, and enjoy it!

Life is to be enjoyed to the full, to the maximum, regardless of situations and circumstances you find yourself it. It is possible to choose contentment despite your circumstances.

Allow this 30-day journey to encourage and grow you into living the full, abundant life.

Table of Contents:
Special Thanks
Part 1: Reality of Life
Day 1: Accepting Reality
Day 2: Curse of Comparison
Day 3: Depth of Disappointment
Day 4: Fearing Failure
Day 5: Walk of Worry
Day 6: Identity Investigation
Day 7: Death and Disease
Day 8: Thoughts and Feelings
Day 9: Requiring Resources

Part 2: Encouraging Life
Day 10: Empowered to Choose
Day 11: Green Pastures
Day 12: Stepping Out
Day 13: Cultivating Courage
Day 14: Finding Your Voice
Day 15: Heavenly Places
Day 16: Authority and Influence
Day 17: Kingdom Ambassador
Day 18: Welcoming Risk
Day 19: Perfect Protection
Day 20: Guaranteed Good

Part 3: Abundant Life
Day 21: Exciting Eternity
Day 22: Cloud Coverage
Day 23: Angelic Assistance
Day 24: Supernatural Strength
Day 25: Prophetic Power
Day 26: Precise provision
Day 27: Lavish Love
Day 28: Complete Acceptance
Day 29: Infectious Joy
Day 30: Overflow
About the Author
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About the Author:
John Bell is co-founder of Healing Community Life Ministries. His passion is to see vulnerable communities developed, healed, and transformed into Christian communities where families thrive and connect with God in exciting, real, and authentic ways. He resides in Dallas, Texas with is wife, Susie.