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Kingdom Empowered Entrepreneur
Kingdom Empowered Entrepreneur by Matthew Bell

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Author: Matthew Bell
Subtitle: Awakening Your Supernatural Edge
Format: Paperback
Length: 186 Pages
Published: 2019

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Imagine walking into a boardroom, sales meeting, or investor presentation sustained by the peace of the Lord, driven by profound joy in His presence, and empowered by a hopeful expectation of His blessing.

Through the indwelling of the Holy spirit, followers of Jesus possess the greatest power in the universe! With this amazing power comes a profound responsibility: to lead the forefront of modern business and innovation for the glory of God. The Kingdom-Empowered Entrepreneur will help you do just that.

This book is a personal boot camp for Christian entrepreneurs and business people.

Matt Bell takes you through Biblical principles that are essential for every business owner to know and practice. Each section includes prayers and exercises to activate your faith and unlock revelation for the marketplace.

This book will impart useful Biblical insights on your role as an entrepreneur, igniting your spiritual passion and fueling your business pursuits.

Table of Contents:
A Note from the Author
Getting Started
Part 1: Identity
Day 1: Know Who You Are
Day 2: You Are Not Your Mistakes
Day 3: You Are an Heir to the King
Day 4: You Have Been Adopted
Day 5: You Have Access to All of Heaven

Part 2: Purpose
Day 6: You Have a Unique Purpose
Day 7: The Molting Process
Day 8: You Are Called
Day 9: God Has a Hope for You
Day 10: You Are on God’s Highway

Part 3: Trust
Day 11: Keep Your Eyes on Jesus
Day 12: Trust Through Obedience
Day 13: Commit Your Business to God
Day 14: Faith Comes from Hearing

Part 4: Gifts
Day 15: You Are Uniquely Gifted
Day 16: Everyone Is Gifted Differently
Day 17: Your Gifts Will Bring You Peace and Joy
Day 18: Use Your Gifts

Part 5: Overcoming
Day 19: Dealing with Threats Head-on
Day 20: Count It Joy
Day 21: Permission to Fail
Day 22: Bouncing Back from Failure

Part 6: Blessings
Day 23: God Wants You to Be Blessed
Day 24: Blessings Come to Those Who Follow the Lord
Day 25: Your Life is a Blessing to Others
Day 26: Praise Ushers in Blessings

Part 7: Action
Day 27: Hard Word Pays Off
Day 28: You Are Working for the Lord
Day 29: Accessing the Creative Nature of God
Day 30: Life is Short. Make It Count!
About Matt Bell

About the Author:
Matthew Bell is a prophetic businessman and serial entrepreneur. He is impassioned by the God’s people unlock their supernatural gifts for application in the realm of business and entrepreneurship. His greatest hope is to see the church rise up and access supernatural strategies from heaven to transform culture through innovative business and technology.