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Demystifying the Prophetic
Demystifying the Prophetic by Joseph Z

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Author: Joseph Z
Subtitle: Understanding the Voice of God for the Coming Days of Fire
Format: Paperback
Length: 443 Pages
Published: 2024

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Never before have we had a greater need for clear, prophetic insight. Our world is teeming with widespread prophetic error, controversy, and deception—discrediting the legitimate prophetic voices God is using to speak to us. We need true biblical prophecy to take its place at the forefront of our lives.

Joseph Z, internationally respected prophetic voice, began encountering the Voice of God from a young age through dreams and visions. With wisdom, accuracy, biblical balance, and experience, Joseph offers powerful keys to help you unlock the revelation, interpretation, and application of prophecy.

In Demystifying the Prophetic, Joseph Z will teach you how to:
  • Identify real and false prophets
  • Activate a clear-minded prophetic lifestyle
  • Master your gifts and experiences
  • Interpret trances, dreams, entities, déjà vu, and strange phenomena
  • Recognize four types of prophets operating in the Church, government, and marketplace
  • Discern the signs of the times

The stakes have never been higher. Only true and refined prophecy cuts through the deception with unmatched power and precision. Both the Church and the world are in desperate need for this elevated prophetic encounter. Now, Jesus urgently seeks to equip you to navigate these critical last days with prophetic insight.

Table of Contents:
Forewords by Rick Renner and Lance Wallnau
Special Introduction
Section 1: The Voice of God
Chapter 1: The Voice of God from the Mountain
Chapter 2: Conversations in Heaven
Chapter 3: Multidimensional God
Chapter 4: The Prophetic Spectrum – The Four Types of Prophecy
Chapter 5: Prophetic DNA – Witchcraft or Legitimate?
Chapter 6: Encounters with the Spirit

Section 2: Navigating and Interpreting the Spirit Realm
Chapter 7: The Map and the Territory
Chapter 8: A Better Hermeneutic – Revelation, Interpretation, Application
Chapter 9: Two Prophecies, One King
Chapter 10: Sensus Plenior – Deeper Fuller Meaning
Chapter 11: The Mystery of Appointed Times and People

Section 3: Dark Powers and Strange Encounters
Chapter 12: Gatekeepers to the Spirit Realm
Chapter 13: Mysteries and Strange Happenings
Chapter 14: Angels or Light and Doctrines of Demons

Section 4: Rightsizing the Prophetic
Chapter 15: Harnessing the Experience
Chapter 16: The Counterfeit Anointing
Chapter 17: False Prophets

Section 5: Agents of God
Chapter 18: Encountering Prophets
Chapter 19: Office of the Prophet
Chapter 20: A Prophet’s Reward
Chapter 21: De-Institutionalizing a Revelation
Dear Reader
About Joseph Z

About the Author:
Joseph Z is an author, broadcaster, Bible teacher, and international prophetic voice. Before the age of nine, he began encountering the voice of God through dreams and visions. Joseph has dedicated his life to preaching the gospel around the world. He and his wife, Heather, are founders of Z Ministries, a media and conference-based ministry in Colorado.