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Judas Goat
Judas Goat by Perry Stone

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Author: Perry Stone
Subtitle: How to Deal with False Friendships, Betrayals, and the Temptation Not to Forgive
Format: Paperback
Length: 247 Pages
Published: 2013

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Betrayal by enemies is expected, but when it comes from family and friends, it can be devastating. Perry Stone use the intriguing example of a Judas goat to show you how to deal with the betrayal in a biblical way and find the strength to forgive.

A Judas goat is an actual goat that is raised with the sheep in the field – eating with them, sleeping with them, and generally gaining their trust. When the time comes to lead the sheep into the slaughterhouse, the sheep will follow the Judas goat into specially marked pens, the back of trucks, and in some instances into the slaughterhouse itself. The Judas Goat makes a strong correlation between this goat and the people in your life who are operating with ulterior motives, helping you understand:
  • The betraying strategy of potential Judas goats in your life
  • The three levels of relationships and whom you should let into your inner circle of trust
  • How to address false rumors and lies from those close to you
  • The critical danger of unforgiveness and more!

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Sleeping with a Goat in Your Bed
Chapter 2: The Betraying Strategy of a Judas Goat
Chapter 3: When Believers Sin Against Other Believers
Chapter 4: Who Is Sitting in Your Third Chair?
Chapter 5: I Heard What You Said in Your Tent
Chapter 6: Having Right Eyes with the Wrong Brain
Chapter 7: When Satan Fell from Heaven, He Landed in My Choir
Chapter 8: Believers Who are Vexed by a Devil
Chapter 9: Restoring Fallen Ministers and Church Members
Chapter 10: Wounded in the House of My Friend
Chapter 11: The Rise of the Brotherhood of Blood
Chapter 12: The Power of Life and Death Is in Your Mouth
Chapter 13: Seasons in the Life of a Sheep
Chapter 14: Relief Given by Confession
Chapter 15: Dropping Crosses

About the Author:
Perry Stone is the best-selling author of numerous books, including The Code of the Holy Spirit and How to Interpret Dreams and Visions. He directs one of America’s fastest-growing ministries, The Voice of Evangelism. An international evangelist, Perry holds a BA in theology from Covenant Life Christian College. He lives in Cleveland, Tennessee, with his wife, Pam, and their two children.