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Imparting Generational Blessings
Imparting Generational Blessings by Perry Stone

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Author: Perry Stone
Subtitle: Building a Spiritual Legacy
Format: Paperback
Length: 95 Pages
Published: 2001

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For many years, Christians in North America have heard teaching on breaking generational curses. The time has come to bring the message on how to impart generational blessings upon you, your children and grandchildren!
Under the inspiration of the Holy spirit, author Perry Stone will reveal the spiritual keys that unlock the door to imparting blessings to your “seed.” Read about:
  • The DNA of a covenant
  • Unusual Biblical accounts of imparting the blessing
  • The tale of four young ministers
  • How laying on of hands is used to transfer spiritual blessings
  • Is there a prophet in the house?

Perry will share a dramatic personal story of a spiritual impartation that changed his ministry. You will discover vital truths for your personal impartation in the chapter “How to Begin a Spiritual Legacy.”

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: The Potential Power of the Blessing
Chapter 2: The DNA of a Covenant
Chapter 3: Unusual Examples of Generational Blessings
Chapter 4: Passing on the Blessing through the Laying on of Hands
Chapter 5: There is a Prophet in the House
Chapter 6: Impart Before You Depart
Chapter 7: The Blessing on the Fourth Generation
Chapter 8: In Your Down Sitting and Your Uprising
Chapter 9: How to Begin Your Personal Legacy
Chapter 10: Never Give Up on Anyone as Long as They are Breathing

About the Author:
Evangelist Perry Stone Jr. is founder and president of the Voice of Evangelism ministry in Cleveland, TN. He has produced an extensive library of books, audio and video tapes, and hosts Manna-fest, a weekly television program airing on hundreds of Christian stations nationwide. The Voice of Evangelism has a monthly tape club, Partner Strike Force, and a bi-monthly magazine, which is mailed out across the nation.