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Jonas Clark
The anointing on Jonas Clarks life is both strong and bold. His great passion is to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world. Fortitude and Gods grace have taken the ministry international, carrying a message of divine impact and reform for this generation into over 25 nations. As a reformer, his desire is to see the nations of the world impacted by the power of God. Jonas has written more than a dozen books with an apostolic and prophetic voice and are catching the attention of the Church.
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Come Out! by Jonas Clark Discover the Root Causes of Family Curses by Jonas Clark Effective Ministries and Believers by Jonas Clark Exposing Spiritual Witchcraft by Jonas Clark
Come Out!
Price: $10.99
Healing Rejection & Emotional Abuse by Jonas Clark How Witchcraft Spirits Attack by Jonas Clark Identifying Prophetic Spiritists Jezebel and Prophetic Ministry
Overcoming Dark Imaginations by Jonas Clark Prophecy Without Permission Prophetic Confrontation by Jonas Clark Seeing What Others Cant by Jonas Clark