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Islam Unmasked
Islam Unmasked by Henry Malone

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Author: Henry Malone
Format: Paperback
Length: 102 Pages
Published: 2002

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He was born in the year AD 570 in a city in Arabia. His father died at his birth. His mother shortly afterward. For the moment, death had left him. It would revisit him later in life and taunt him to commit suicide. After his death his followers would be willing to die in his honor and kill others in his name. His name was Muhammad. The religion he founded as Islam.

America would learn of Islam’s tenets on September 11, 2001 when some of its followers would take off their makes of peace and reveal their true face. Since that day many have become lost in the propaganda war. They have become confused about Islam. They have searched for answers to may questions.

What are the origins of Islam?
Who was Muhammad?
Are Allah and God the same?
Is Islam a peaceful religion?
What is Paradise and who can go there?
Is there equality between Muslim men and women?
What common ground is there between Christians and Muslims?

Islam Unmasked removes the mask of deception and reveals the truth about this ancient religion. Throughout the pages of this illuminating book, you’ll learn about the pagan origins of Islam. You’ll examine the history of its founder. You’ll discover the lies behind its doctrines. You’ll see the futility of its practices. You’ll find the commo ground to talk with Muslims. And you’ll realize the power that comes from sharing the love of God with Islam’s captives. Islam Unmasked – unmask the lie, discover the truth.

Table of Contents:
Introduction – Islam on the World Stage
Chapter 1: The Propaganda War: The Real Story
Chapter 2: The Issue of Authority: Power in Three Realms
Chapter 3: The History of Islam: A Bloody Thread
Chapter 4: The Origins of Allah: The Meaning Behind the Name
Chapter 5: The doctrines of Islam: Etched in Stone
Chapter 6: The Quran: Scribes Aside
Chapter 7: The Caliphs: Guardians at the Gate
Chapter 8: By Blood and the Sword: Beyond the Façade
Chapter 9: Paradise: Lost or Found
Chapter 10: The Gender War: A Question of Value
Chapter 11: Looking for Common Ground: Cross Purposes
Chapter 12: Breaking Down the Barriers: Message of the Heart
About the Author
Vision Life Ministries

About the Author:
Henry Malone, president and founder of Vision Life Ministries, was previously a senior pastor for 28 years. In addition to teaching the Freedom and Fullness Seminar, he also equips others in the ministry of deliverance and inner healing through the School of Deliverance Ministry and internships. Henry has worked extensively in the Muslim world since 1976. He and his wife, Tina, have two grown children and three grandchildren.