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Fatal Faith
Fatal Faith by Selwyn Stevens

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Author: Selwyn Stevens
Subtitle: The Cult Counterfeits of Christianity
Format: Booklet
Length: 52 Pages

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Fatal Faith by Selwyn Stevens compares many of the modern cults to the Christian beliefs. It shows how to identify a cult, as well as how we should respond to them as Christians.

Table of Contents

What is a Cult?

Common Traits of Cults

Basic Patterns of Cults

1. Denying the Deity of Jesus and the Holy Spirit

2. Adding to the Bible

3. Added Requirements for Salvation

4. Divided Loyalties God or the Organization

How to Identify a Cult

Bible Doctrines Compared with Cult Beliefs

Cults at Work Near You

Are Seventh Day Adventists a Cult?

The Pilgrimage of the Worldwide Church of God

Heresies Ancient and Moderns

Shouldnt We Seek Common Ground?

Whos That Knocking on my Door?

How Can We Protect Our Young People?

Helping People Leave a Cult


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About the Author

Selwyn Stevens, M.C.R., best-selling author and international speaker, is the Director of the Jubilee Ministries Trust, a New Zealand-based trust involved in informing and equipping Christians of all denominations on how to reach the lost and deceived in cults, the occult and secret societies. He is registered as a lay preacher with the Wellington Baptist Assn., has been ordained by the Church of the Reconciliation of Australia, and is presently studying theology between researching, writing, speaking and preaching to many Christian and community groups and seminars.