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Intercessors and Pastors
Intercessors and Pastors by Eddie and Alice Smith

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Author: Eddie and Alice Smith
Subtitle: The Emerging Partnership of Watchmen and Gatekeepe
Format: Paperback
Length: 174 Pages
Published: 2011

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As we rebuild the spiritual walls of our cities, watchmen and gatekeepers (intercessors and pastors) must learn to work together. Their understanding of, respect for and effective communication with each other will enable the Church to regain her spiritual integrity, to glorify Christ and demolish the gates of hell.

  • Learn why division between pastors and intercessors is found the world over and how it can be resolved.
  • Discover the keys to develop strategic relationships that will withstand the assaults of hell.
  • Read what the future holds for this powerful partnership!

Table of Contents

Letter to Intercessors

Letter to Pastors

Chapter 1: Let the Healing Begin

Chapter 2: The City Walls

Chapter 3: The Ancient Gates

Chapter 4: Watchmen and Gatekeepers

Chapter 5: Becoming a House of Prayer

Chapter 6: Understanding Intercessors

Chapter 7: What Intercessors Need from Their Pastors

Chapter 8: What Pastors Need from Their Intercessors

Chapter 9: The Conclusion of History

Chapter 10: Hells Gates and Treasures


Appendix A: Recommended Reading

Appendix B: Pastoral/Church Covenant for Prayer Journey Participants

Appendix C: Team Covenant for Prayer Journey Participants

Appendix D: Personal Information Form for Prayer Journey Participants

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For years I have thought that if I were Satan, a top priority would be to keep pastors and intercessors apart. That is why I know that Eddie and Alices book will definitely frustrate the devil and open new doors for the power of God to flow through our churches and into our communities.

Dr. C. Peter Wagner, Chancellor Emeritus, Wagner Leadership Institute

In the word, the Lord has a clear order for victory. He also has a sound foundation declared in Ephesians 4:11. When these gifts align properly, we are assured to have his mind over our families, lives, churches, and cities. One key relationship is that between intercessors and pastors. Intercessors pave the way for pastors to execute Gods vision. Therefore, there must be a good working relationship between these two gifts. This book will help you to see the partnership necessary to watch after Gods purposes in your region.

Dr. Chuck Pierce, President, Glory of Zion Ministries

About the Authors

Eddie and Alice Smith are president and executive director of the U.S. Prayer Center. They are bestselling authors and internationally known conference speakers and have authored many books.