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Intercessors by Tommi Femrite, Beth Alves, and Karen Kaufman

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Author: Tommi Femrite, Beth Alves and Karen Kaufman
Subtitle: Discover Your Prayer Power
Format: Paperback
Length: 271 Pages
Published: 2000

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Each of us is on a mission from God, and He has equipped us in our individual ways to carry out our assignments using the incredible power of prayer. You may be a list pray-er, a personal intercessor or any of at least a dozen other prayer specialties or types. This book will help you to discover your prayer personality and utilize your own unique, God-given strength as part of a complete, integrated prayer strategy.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Dutch Sheets



Chapter 1: Issues Intercessors

Chapter 2: List Intercessors

Chapter 3: Soul Intercessors

Chapter 4: Personal Intercessors

Chapter 5: Financial Intercessors

Chapter 6: Mercy Intercessors

Chapter 7: Crisis Intercessors

Chapter 8: Warfare Intercessors

Chapter 9: Worship Intercessors

Chapter 10: Government Intercessors

Chapter 11: People-Group and Israel Intercessors

Chapter 12: Prophetic Intercessors

Chapter 13: Finding Focus and Friendship


Intercessors is a manual for those who may not believe they are intercessors simply because they cannot relate to the classic intercessors mold. This book will draw out your unique anointing and will keep you from comparing your assignment with those of other intercessors.

Chuck Pierce, President, Glory of Zion, Denton Texas

About the Authors

Elizabeth Alves is founder and president of Increase International, a worldwide prayer ministry equipping intercessors to undergird the work of business and spiritual leaders.

Tommi Femrite is executive vice president of Intercessors International and a prophetic missionary with a call to the nations.

Karen Kaufman is a freelance writer and editor who also teaches and counsels Gods people to help them find inner healing.