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Intercession by James Goll

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Author: James Goll
Subtitle: The Power and Passion to Shape History
Format: Paperback
Length: 172 Pages
Published: 2003

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The words of an intercessor are the powerful force for healing the wounds of the past and shaping the course of history. Intercession: The Power and Passion to Shape History helps the intercessor release those words into the heavens and bring down Gods healing results on earth.

Jim Goll shifts the focus of intercession away from the typical shotgun approach of praying for the whole world in a single prayer. At the same time he impressively portrays how you can focus your prayer on what God desires as opposed to what you need.

Table of Contents

Section 1: Get Ready! Our Intercessory Focus

Chapter 1: History Belongs to the Intercessors!

Chapter 2: The Past is Spelled in Pencil!

Chapter 3: Removing the Rubble Proclaiming the Promise

Section 2: Take Aim! Our Intercessory Targets

Chapter 4: Bridging the Separation of Clergy and Laity

Chapter 5: Closing the Gender Gap

Chapter 6: Repenting for the Genocide of the Jews

Chapter 7: Healing the Wounds of the First Nations People

Chapter 8: Deliverance from Racism

Chapter 9: Cleansing the House of Greed and Idolatry

Section 3: Fire! Hitting our Intercessory Mark

Chapter 10: Enforcing the Victory of Calvary

Chapter 11: Smart Bombs of Praise and Prayer

Chapter 12: The Final Shot


Scholarly, well researched, easily understood, and reader friendly are all accurate descriptions of Intercession. I realize that some of those descriptions seem contradictory, but believe me, in this case they are not. You will grow in your understanding; you will be challenged in your heart (not condemned). You will know the ways of God more thoroughly, and you will be more effective in your lifestyle of prayer after you read this book. And pastors, you will preach from it!This book is urgently needed because there is no more important issue facing the Church than the one Jim Goll deals with in Intercession identificational confession and intercession. No issue will have greater impact on the coming harvest than this one. I urge you to delve into this excellent book and let it change your life and then the world as together we embrace these truths. Thank you for your contribution to the worldwide harvest!

Dutch Sheets, Author

Jim Goll captures the heart of God and the apostolic history of the Church, then prepares us for future victory and transformation all in this one book. Not only does Intercession bring us revelation personally, but it also brings key insights on how we have a responsibility to acknowledge and eradicate sin corporately and territorially. When you read this book, you will see sins corporate magnitude and effect on the land in which you live. However, Jim builds within your belief systems the faith and authority you need to deal with the issues confronting you. I believe that this was the Lords attempt and method of communication. Intercession captures the heart and Spirit of our Saviors commissioning. May Intercession cause the latter-day glory recorded in the Book of Haggai to become a reality in your life. Read, release forgiveness, and watch transformation begin!

Chuck D. Pierce, President, Glory of Zion International Ministries

Jim Golls newest book, Intercession, is part of the growing corpus of writings that shows the way to revival. The book is timely because, if the words being spoken concerning revival will come to pass, the lessons of this book certainly must first be applied.

Dan Juster, Director, Tikkon Ministries

About the Author

James Goll is the cofounder of Ministry to the Nations and a member of the Harvest International Apostolic team. He is the author of ten books. Jim is a member of the Israel Relief Fund, the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders, The Call, and other national and international ministries. He has appeared on the 700 Club, TBN, 100 Huntley, and other radio and TV broadcasts. He and his wife Michal Ann have been married for over 25 years and live with their four children in the beautiful hills of Franklin, Tennessee